Dream World Karachi Ticket Price 2024 per Person, Membership for Water Park

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    There are rare spots that cover amenities like the Dream World Karachi. For the regular visitors, there is a membership fee and for the entry of those who want to trip occasionally, dream world karachi ticket price 2024 per person is applicable that probably not include the Dream World water park and other options. While, they divide their 14 facilities in 3 segments that has much to spend some best of yours time. From kids to young and senior citizens, everyone get something for themselves. Even ladies can use many of their dedicated services like a separate water area and many more.

    Dream World Karachi Ticket Price 2024 per Person:

    After seeing all options, the first inquiry that pops up in mind is the Dream World Karachi ticket price 2024 per Person. After paying this necessary sum, one will decide further that which more services he or she will use.

    Dream World Karachi Entry Ticket Price 2024 Call Or Whatsapp to gather the facts

    Numbers are:

    • For call, 0340-1111501 is available to answer about services.

    Dream World Karachi Membership Price 2024:

    All those who want to visit Dream World Karachi daily or randomly in weak, they can get membership by paying its price. Furthermore, they offered two types of memberships that are Lifetime and Guest. While an existing member also transfer membership to someone else too.

    • Dream World Karachi Lifetime Membership Price: Its, 29,000,00 Rupees (29 Lac) Approx.
    • Dream World Karachi Guest Membership Price: This one is 16,27,00 Rupees

    Note: Though this is a good total to pay but the membership holder can get amazing benefits.

    Dream World Water Park Karachi Ticket Price 2024:

    Being a major area, Dream World Water Park Karachi ticket price 2024 is possibly charged separately. They designed pool with in modern ways that attract the guests towards it. Moreover, this water park is different for the males and females but tickets are same for them.

    Dream World Water Park Karachi Entry Ticket Price 2024 (Approx.)
    For Men: 950  Rupees

    For Kids: 800 Rupees (Better is to confirm by contacting at their number)

    Next is:

    Dream World Picnic Packages 2024:

    If one is not the member then an ideal way for the entry in this park is Dream World picnic packages 2024. Through the small group picnic, multiple guests are allowed to enter. These packages are changing after sometime. So, call for the picnic packages detail.

    all of the new

    Without having the membership or picnic package, the Dream World Karachi ticket price 2024 is much difficult to get for the entry. But, a membership holder can also take guests with him. So, this is also a secret way to enter there. If anyone has experience, then must share with them.

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