Missed Call Alert Telenor, Jazz, Zong

We will have a detailed discussion about the method of missed call alert Telenor, Jazz, and Zong. Well for the convenience of the reader we will give all details of subscription of missed call alerts Telenor, Jazz, and Zong that can just be activated at the time when you out of the town and some areas where the network is not available, busy, or if you are not near to your mobiles. Below we will throw the lights upon the activation methods separately. People can easily get all those calls that lost during mobile off through SMS.

All of Missed Call Alerts Subscribe

TELENOR Missed Call Alert Activation Code:

If you want to update about every call who have lost during when your mobile switched off so, Telenor missed call alert activation code is given in the market and people get all updates about calls. After activation of this offer your all calls will be stored and after on all calls show on your mobile screen through SMS.

Telenor Missed Call Alert Code: If the users want to subscribe to the missed call alerts at the power-off mode then they can dial **62*00923455555503#. For getting deactivated with the offer just dial ##62#.

  • If the customer wants to get a missed call alert at the reply mode then they can dial **61*00923455555503#. For switching off this activation just dial ##61#.
  • If you want to get switched with the missed call alert while the phone is at the busy mode then you can dial **67*00923455555503#. For getting in-activated with the offer just dial ##67#.
  • All the customers can activate this offer by dialing at 345 that is the Telenor service center number. This activation will send them the confirmation message in return.
  • People can easily avail of this through Telenor’s official website because online activation has introduced by Telenor.

Jazz Missed Call Alert Code:

All loyal users can get avail Jazz missed call alert code from the network because the network does not want customers lost the calls and after activation operator give all updates to the users.

  • All the Mobilink customers can get activated with the missed call alert subscription by dialing 111. They can even get deactivated by dialing the same number as 111.
  • If your mobile is powered off or you are currently not accessible in the network facility areas then forgetting the missed call alert just go to the menu button and on the settings option press select.
  • Just click at call settings and select call divert.
  • In divert option just select Out Of Reach and press OK.
  • Click the activate button and move on to other buttons.
  • Just enter the number 142 and then press OK.
  • Jazz missed call alert activation code *180# is given for customers.

Zong Missed Call Alert Code:

This is the only network that has just solved the problem of its customers with the zong missed call alert code with just one simple step. This offer will allow the users to get connected with all such missed calls that arrived when their phones were switched off or they were unavailable at some point in time.

  • Zong Missed Call Alert Activation: Forgetting activated with the missed call alert just send the message as “Reg” to 6227.
  • For getting deactivated from the activation just send a message as “Unsub” to 6229.

Customers can easily get all options according to network while operators are working on Missed Call Alerts Telenor, Jazz, Zong because every time they want to facilitate to the customers at a cheap rate and updated about all calls missed to the users.

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