Ufone Offers Endless Mobile Internet Bundle For Postpaid & Prepaid Customers

This time Ufone offers endless mobile internet bundle for postpaid and prepaid customers. Ufone has been one of such cellular networks that has make special place in the hearts of millions of customers. They have gained huge recognition in just minimum time scale. Every time they have arrived with fresh and exciting offers for their customers that even grabs the attention of other network users as well. Well this season they have launched the service that has been honored for both the postpaid and prepaid customers. In this package all the users can get connected with the internet world from 2 am till 9 am at Rs. 30 per month and at the cost of Rs 1 per day. This offer will even cut down the taxes as well. Isn’t it interesting and cheap? Well this offer has been highlighted for all those customers and youngsters who have the passion to stay connect with the world of internet at every passing second. Ufone has been the only network that has been offering such lower rates for the internet bundles.

Ufone Offers Endless Mobile Internet Bundle For Postpaid & Prepaid Customers

Ufone Offers Endless Mobile Internet Bundle For Postpaid & Prepaid Customers 001


  • This offer has been completely unlimited.
  • For activating this offer for one month the user will have to pay the amount of Rs. 30 while for per day the cost will be Rs.1 plus taxes.
  • The time limit of this offer will travel from 2 am till 9am.
  • In order to get subscribe with this offer the users can send message as Sub to 7813.
  • If the user makes the use of internet apart from the timings then he will be charged for using the internet.

In addition to it, the main aim of showcasing such an offer is to highlight the significance of mobile internet. All such users can get connected with the computer screens even for searching a small item from Google they can switch off their computers and search it directly from the mobile internet. This offer will even allow all such customers to stay connected with the internet who have still not make the use of mobile internet. On the whole of the discussion we would say that all those Ufone users who have still not avail this endless internet service they should activate it now. We are sure that they will take pleasure from every single second whiLe doing the browsing on internet. ACTIVATE IT NOW……

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