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    For the reason of money transfer, a new Telenor Easypaisa charges list 2024 contains a new fee or rates. While now they also provide the option of a mobile account, through this from one account to another transaction is completely free of cost. One needs to follow a very simple procedure to start his own account. If one reviews the entire benefit of Easypaisa Mobile Accounts, then for sure these are just amazing. These are enough to swap bank’s accounts with these features. Initially, this service seems for the domestic purpose, but with the passage of time newly introduces features also attract businessmen towards itself.

    Amazing news about these services is that now Easypaisa is itself a brand. So now users of other networks are also taking benefit from it.

    Easypaisa Charges List 2024:

    On different amounts, Telenor Easypaisa charges list 2024 is varying from type of transfer, like charges of (CNIC to CNIC) is different from the charges of send from (easypaisa account to a CNIC), Or figure for (withdraw amount from account).

    Even, now the option of (easypaisa ATM Cash Withdrawal) is also highly used now. One can find its further detail from below part of this short writing.

    Telenor Easy Paisa Charges,Procedure,Mobile Account

    As the basic concept of these services is sending and receiving a small amount of money instantly. As time is being passed, new features are adding to it. That’s why its major strength is money transactions where one has not any bank option. So most users are concerning about charges.

    So these are further integrating into three types:

    1: From one ID Card to another ID Card

    • 2: From ID Card to Another Another Mobile Account

    3: Transaction from one account to other account is completely free of cost.

    Easypaisa Money Transfer Charges 2024:

    At start, the most usable service was transfer from CNIC to CNIC and the Easypaisa money transfer charges is certainly elaborate in proper way that is:

    Review the table:

    Amount Easypaisa cnic Transfer Charges 2024
    From 1 Rupees to amount of 1000 Rupees 70
    1001 to limit of 2500 Rupees 130
    2501 – 4000 Rupees 200
    4001 – 6000 Rupees 270
    6001 – 8000 Rupees 330
    8001 – 10000 Rupees 390
    10001 – 13000 Rupees 440
    13001 – 16000 Rupees 500
    16001 – 20,000 Rupees 650
    20001 – 25000 Rupees 800
    • Now they also provide you the option to receive cash at your home, when one will follow their transact policy.

    Moving towards the next type of List that specified from one Easypaisa account to transfer a CNIC. In case, if one has not a account then, he receive cash on CNIC from an account holder.

    Now step forward towards the new introductory features from these conventional ones, through which one can get amazing benefits.

    • The table is:

    table of charges

    Easypaisa Account Withdrawal Charges:

    Few regular users thinks that this service must be free. Maybe, officials observe this demand and apply very less amount on it. Though, it’s not free of cost but their charges are lower then the others.


     ATM Withdrawal Charges:

    An innovation that make this service more advance but not much successful as it was expected. Mostly users were not interested towards it. Further, ATM withdrawal charges are:

    Amount Easypaisa ATM Card Cash Withdrawal Charges
    Up to 500 Rupees 15
    For 1000 Rupees 20
    1500 – 2500 30
    3000 – 4000 50
    4500 – 6000 70
    6500 – 8000 90
    8500 – 10000 110
    10500 – 13,000 130
    13,500 – 16,000 140
    16500 – 20000 160

    List of these Services:

    account features

    Who is Eligible to avail this Service?

    There is not any restriction of the network, now every mobile user can get benefit from it. Just process to open the account is different. So one just needs to follow the respected action.

    The procedure that how to Open Easypaisa Account:

    It’s simple to open this account by just *345*3737#. After they will ask you to generate a unique pin code, so only re-enter it. And start taking benefit from it.

    Meanwhile, those who are from some other network that needs to follow this pattern “EP then <space> then CNIC number’ and send it to 0345-111-3737”.

    • Their pin verification process is quite different, which is also given as “PIN<Space>5-Digits PIN further <Space> and then Confirm 5-Digits PIN” or forward it to 0345-1113737.

    Finally, their customer care center is always open for the facilitation of customers. So if one has any problem then for sure one will concern them. Yeah, this info will enough for the entire user community. Hence, for the money transfer, Telenor Easypaisa charges list 2024 is a bit varied from the last one. However, this is still a very fruitful and beneficial facility.

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