CV Format 2014 Free Download for Engineers Freshers Mechanical Electrical

CV is an abbreviation of Curriculum Vitae that is too much important for every type of jobs from engineers to any type of jobs. So here CV Format 2014 Free Download for Engineers Freshers Mechanical Electrical. Especially for fresher this is one important thing that covers your whole educational as well as any type of other experience. Basically CV is a short list of facts about you and providing mostly for job purpose. A curriculum vita provides a summary of one’s experience and skills. When you looking for a job, it is essential you must spend time creating an excellent quality CV. It is also a useful tool for understanding you and your skills and strength when you applying for any type of job. An excellent CV will show about you and have a great impression on employer. The more effective CV shows clear about your match criteria for any job which required specific skills and techniques. An excellent CV may be secure to you at time of interview. It is just like a marketing product if you present your product in an excellent manner then your product will sell more and more. For success CV you don’t need to follow such hard rules you write CV own your own and present it true and excellent manners. A successful CV is not more than two or three A4 size pages. There are several methods to write a success CV which helps to find and achieve a good job.

cv sample

Some points must keep in mind to write a success CV:

  • First of all you write CV title in the top of the page
  • Specify your name, address, phone number, email id and nationality.
  • You must add your photograph in CV.
  • Write your educational background start most recent first.
  • Write your experience most recent first and must write your achievements.
  • Highlight all your key achievements and successes.
  • Write your key skills.
  • Write your career objectives.
  • Write your area of interest.
  • Don’t write your likes and dislikes in CV.
  • Don’t write about your social life or other activities in CV.
  • Add references if required in CV.
  • Check must spelling mistakes or grammatical error and removes it from CV.
  • Write all the information in CV correct doesn’t write fake information in CV.
  • Use bullets form if required to separate line to each other.
  • Check the format of CV.

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