Honda City 2014 Price in Pakistan Features, Review

“Honda” is the word recognized by each and every person of the Pakistan, not only the car lovers but other people are also well known by its name, and it’s only due its classical market value. The company build its name in the market from many years and providing its best to the people. The main reason behind its success is quality and its product. Honda never compromise on the quality and specifications although the price is high but it’s justifying with its quality and class. Every year the company launch a new model of the car and improve some specifications and shape of the car. The company now launch many models every year, some are automatic, some are manual and some having extra remarkable specifications. In Pakistan the car you can see on roads many times, but one thing which is not valid is the height of the car , according to the roads in Pakistan the height of the car should be high enough else each and every feature of the car is excellent.

Honda City 2014 Price in Pakistan Features, Review

Honda City 2014

Here discuss some models introduced by the company in 2014 are listed with prices.

  • Honda City I-VTEC is of                            1,508000
  • Honda City Aspire I-VTEC                        1,648,000
  • Honda City I-VTEC Prosmatic                  1,649,000
  • Honda City Aspire I-VTEC Prosmatic       1,79,0000


  • Honda 2014, having 1300CC with 16-Valve four cylinder engine. Having additional great feature like Fuel Consumption warning, light on Reminding alarm, Door opener warning, High level safety Performance, power Door, power windows, and Air conditioning system, 42 Litres fuel tanks, electronic fuel injection system, and manual and automatic transmission system. These all systems and features are well appreciated by the people; its price is high but well justified by its features and facilities provided by the company.
  • It is being well tested by the company before entering into the market. Honda have one the one slogan that “Customer is at high priority” .They do self test on the manufactured car before sending it, these test includes, Break up test, Heavy duty test, Mileage test, Sudden accident test, Car body damaging test, Fuel efficiency test and listed many more. This is the secret of the company to be one of the most popular brands throughout the Pakistan and throughout the world.

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