Government Hajj Package 2018 Pakistan

From the many online references, we got to know that government has made an announcement and declaration with regard to this Hajj package 2018. Registrations are open up now so if you are willing to perform this Hajj then be very much sure that you make yourself registered as soon as possible. From the previous records, it has been viewed that each and every year a large number of individuals make their selves registered for this Hajj package but very of them are been selected. This selection will take place with the assistance of draw, so before this, everyone will require to knowing the total expenses. So if one will afford it, then tries to make sure to be part of this most important responsibility.

For the information of the readers, Ministry of religious affairs has announced this news and application forms are now available. Requisite candidates may get the applications forms from the required destination and fill it up on time.

As per, Sardar Muhammad Yousaf who is a Minister of Religious affair said that this time around 120,000 will be performing Hajj through Government. This is quite and rather amazing. 59,210 will be performing this duty through the private scheme.

As far as this Government Hajj package 2018 is concerned,

  • 270,000/ will be charged for South Region and Rs. 280,000/ will be required for North Region.

Plus 13000 will price for Qurbani Purpose.

The info of this Haj

As we all know that Hajj is one the five pillars of Islam. It is one of the last of devotional stages of the Muslim in his relationship with God. It is the highest point of all the prayers and religious ceremonies that bring the believer closer to Allah. The Hajj has numerous and varied numbers of benefits for the Muslim community all over the world. It brings together Muslims, internationalizes Islam and establishes religious and social links between Muslims wherever they are coming from. The Hajj also provides and offers a unique opportunity to the pilgrim to be in perfect communication with Allah in his personal capacity. You will be having supreme spiritual experience if you will be performing Hajj. If you want to have all these experiences and more that all are beyond description and discussion then be sure that you make yourself registered in government hajj package 2018 Pakistan.

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