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    This is all time favorite automobile that gives a luxury drive but Toyota Prado 2024 price in Pakistan is also seems a bit over rate. But still, satisfactory news for Prado lovers is that its latest model is all set to increase heartbeat because soon it will launch in this country. Not only in this country, this is a worldwide hit vehicle. Especially this time reveal a giant vehicle, that is pure class. Starts from the outer side of this model then we have seen that it comes with some distinctive looking grille and this has been making this model a stylish looking one!

    • This car has a sporty kind of rear spoiler, Halogen headlamps are there and you will also be having the front fog lamps. One can say that from the front this has no match now.

    Toyota Prado 2024 Price in Pakistan:

    The starting or minimum of  Toyota Prado 2024 price in Pakistan is approximately 59,110,000/ Rupees and then their is a boom of about 1 crore in the class that is advance from the basic one. Moreover, the price chart is:

    PRADO Category Price (These are approx. prices)
    2.8 Diesel M/T Price in Pakistan Start from 59,110,000 Rupees
    PRADO 2.8 Diesel A/T Price 67,250,000 Rupees
    4.0 Petrol Price in Pakistan Its, 95,580,000 Rupees

    Note: Tax is not adding in this price and nowadays, company is not getting order of applied for prado.


    • Their leather trimmed kind of steering wheel along with audio as well as telephone controlling system are very special. It has such bluetooth wireless connection system so that you will able to calls while you are on the drive.
    • It has three rows that mean 7 people can easily and smoothly enjoy a ride of this car. Its seats are wide and also comfortable at the same time. So a handsome space is in the interior that is the complete package for the family.

    Note: This is the price of brand new, its new used models are also imported from other countries. It’s very last models are available in below price range compared to this one.

    Price of its Last Models:

    • Tx that again differentiate 2.7 and 3.5:

    90 Lac to 1 Crore 20 Lac

    • TZG and also add on TX 4.0:

    1 Crore to 1 Crore 40 Lac

    latest vehicle of Prado


    • The body colored bumpers that have been making this car the most demanding one! It has rear view mirrors along with a bold stature. The audacious looking headlamps are there and taillights are also a part of this Toyota Prado model.
    • If we talk about its backside view then we have seen that it has been inducted with that of the latest tech back door glass.

    This new arrival also loaded with automatic kind of modern rearview mirror that made it more special. This car can give you a safe and sound drive because it has been encompassed by some advanced kind of security and safety applications and features.

    If you love its features then do buy this new model as early as possible! Meanwhile, keep one thing clear their which type Toyota Prado 2024 price in Pakistan will suit you. So this must create more ease for the customer. Yet, this is the greatest option that every person dream for it.

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