Nano SIM In Pakistan By Ufone & Mobilink

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    Nano SIM In Pakistan is now introduced by the Ufone & Mobilink telecom companies. As iPhone 5 is like a craze for the whole world a big mystery which is going to be resolve in few days here in Pakistan so Telecom company start preparing themselves for this new innovation. First step is taken by two companies that are Mobilink And Ufone.

    First Mobilink took step in introducing the provision of GSM Nano SIM in Pakistan and now moving on the step Ufone also offer Nano Sim to their customers. Ufone Nano SIM is 3G ready it means that if in future 3G technology has introduced in Pakistan than these SIM will work with 3G network.If you see the SIM card jacket then you that statement “3G Ready 64kb Java SIM” printed on it.

    Nano SIM In Pakistan By Ufone & Mobilink

    Nano SIM In Pakistan By Ufone & Mobilink

    IPhone 5 runs on a special custom built smaller SIM that are called Nani SIM if you want to use your New IPhone 5. So what people do  that they take Regular use and cut it with a scissor to make it Nano SIM so that is why what companies do that they introduced their own Nano SIM. Higher the risk higher the profit it is a statement use in all businesses so whether this step of introducing NANO SIM will be profitable for these companies or not?

    Mobilink customers can go to their nearest service center and can replace their standard SIM into the Nano SIM if they want to use new iPhone 5 in Pakistan but on the other hand the subscriber of Ufone can collect their Nano SIM from the following Ufone Service Centers. That are as follow

    • Karachi: Building no:2, Block no:3, Survey sheet no:35/P1, Muslim Servants Government Primary School, Cooperative Housing Society Limited, Shaheed e Millat Road, Karachi.
    • Lahore: Ufone Service Center, 15-S, Gulberg 2, Lahore.
    • Islamabad: Ufone Service Center, 13-B, F7 Markaz, Jinnah Super Market, Islamabad

    price Of Nano SIM:

    Ufone officials announce in the ceremony of Nano SIM that Ufone Nano SIM will be available on these service center in the same price as customer pay to buy a standard SIM that is Rs. 100


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      Waiting for 3g india is full of 3g and bangladesh also so why not in pakistan

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