Suzuki Baleno 2016 Price in Pakistan Launch Date Interior Specification Review

Suzuki has launched one amazing car at the last Auto Show with new technology iK-2. The car maker declares that the 2016 Suzuki is made to make it an overall debut in Pakistan by the name Baleno. Company got its position in terms of utility and styling also in performance and in driving. Baleno provides an exciting and luxurious exterior and interior design. From inside it is furnished with care keeping in mind the comfort and ease for everyone. Furthermore, very fine quality of plastic is used which everyone can observe from its smoothness. It is equipped with spacious interior, stylish design and with the innovative technologies. After a long time interval in Pakistan Suzuki launch a old brand name with new luxury car in 2016. All car lovers are now excited to knows price and date when it release in Pakistan.



Review: Suzuki Baleno contains all the new Specification. It is seen that an effort is made on it Interior: Dashboard shape to make it full modernize that equip with latest technology accessories. The center stack is designed with chrome. Its display contains the LCD screen which shows the overall performance and essential information such as accelerator, mileage, fuel position and driving G-force. As the center there is a new addition of console which is taller and wider and lies between the seats this shows a roomier interior. The display allows you to connect your device and enjoy many features of Car Play also holds music, maps, audio book and many other friendly apps. Display also shows the view from the back of car when you use the rear-view. A unique and high-contrast LCD display shows the automatic air conditioner.

Interior Images


  • Suzuki Baleno 2016 Price in Pakistan: Locally Its Not Confirm Reveal after Its Launching

This new model also holds the adaptive cruise control system that utilizes the radar to observe the distance from the car in front or any other thing so that it automatically pushes the brake to maintain a constant distance thus it prevents you from any loss. This feature is confirmed on a model that internationally launch. In Pakistan Company has not assured that this spec is including in local model that released in this country.

New Model Launch Date: In Mont of January 2016

It is up to the driver that selects the speed limit and sets the system to short, medium or long distance According to the brands, front seats are customized in a way to improve its comfort without changing the shape of seats. Every one is exciting and its also expected that this must one of successful model in upcoming year.

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