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    A healthy competition in between SUV has attracted the of interest of buyers toward Toyota Raize 2024 price in Pakistan. By all means, Raize is a modern SUV car and you now can drive it on the road. Along with a handsome passenger space, you can also store some luggage in it. Furthermore, the approximate dimension of this vehicle makes it long and more wider. The fender look is different and completely covers the tyre. Definitely, the latest version of the Raize is the lightweight and highly rigid body while the driving of this vehicle is very smooth. Safety functions also upgrade this car very special.

    Toyota Raize 2024 Price in Pakistan:

    Because its a imported SUV, so the brand new Toyota Raize 2024 price in Pakistan of its latest model is not fix one. Furthermore, its rate is lies in between.

    Approx. Price 67 Lac to 79 Lac Rupees

    Different modification are in Toyota Raze that’s why with more specs also cost more from the basic one. While engine capacity of this car is 1000cc. Because of great comfort, Pakistan people like the Japanese technology car.

    Toyota Raize Z Grade Price in Pakistan:

    The round price of this variant of Toyota Raize is 73 Lac Rupees. Furthermore, this is rarely available in market. But, hopefully, importers and dealers will bring all of these variants soon in Pakistan.

    Toyota Raize Price in Japan: Not Sure at the moment

    Price of the Toyota Raize of this year model

    Toyota Raize Specs

    A long list of the specs exist in this car because this is fully loaded with Japanese technology. So must look at the complete specification now can do the pre booking too. All the specifications are:

    Engine Type This is (1 Liter) turbocharged pe
    Fast Charging Not
    Displacement (cc) 996
    Max Power 98 PS
    Number of Cylinder 4
    Transmission Type Purely Auto
    Fuel Category It’s on Petrol
    • This is all the specification while Raize exists in only auto.


    Specification of this car has described now we are going to discuss the feature of this vehicle because many of the key features are now available in this vehicle. Furthermore, all the interior and exterior are listed below.

    • Total six airbags are in it.
    • Modern back cross traffic Alert
    • Latest LED digital speedometer
    • Modern Multimedia Player

    When you buy this car then you take all the features because before this many of similar Japanese car are already here and these types of features are not exist but this pack exists in Toyota Raize. And these all are its plus points too.

    Raize Exterior

    The length of this stylish Toyota Raize is 3,995 mm while the width of this car is 1,695 mm. The measurement of the Fender length is 17 Inches.

    • The shape of its front bumper is corner type while a beautiful grill exists in the middle of the bumper. With this, the design of the headlight is different as compare to other Small SUV vehicles.

    Toyota Raize Exterior

    Raize Interior:

    Gearbox has available on the left side of the driver seat as well as in the middle of the dashboard multimedia player is exist along with an Android Screen.

    • The company makes 4 seat belts while six airbags have existed.
    • You can easily fold the back seats because they are flexible and you can out the luggage.
    • company has made One light in the middle of the roof in internal of the car.

    Toyota Raize Interior

    Any of person like this medium car now check the Toyota raize price in Pakistan 2024. Further, the complete details of this car are mention on this page with guidance. Before buy a new car one time read the specifications and features then decide because at this price many of the cars are exist but they do not give the same feature and specs.

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