PTCL Broadband Internet Student Packages, Charges, Form

Just freshly, PTCL announces PTCL Broadband internet student packages, charges and form. Pakistan Telecommunication Limited has always drive out their main aim in serving out their customers with the low internet and calling rates and hence always design such packages that should match with the requirement levels of the customers. Whether, it is about household, business or students PTCL has never let down the hopes and expectations of any customers. This time PTCL has arrived with the better superior and excellent internet packages in favor of the students. It is quite evident that students all the time prefer getting them connected with the internet globe and for that reason they normally search for unlimited internet packages.

PTCL Broadband Internet Student Packages, Charges, Form

PTCL Broadband Internet Student Packages, Charges, Form 001


  • This Broadband internet package will allow the student to make use of internet all the time at the fastest speed of 1Mbps.
  • In addition, the package will also accompany 150 free voice minutes and free unlimited Kehdo SMS at just Rs. 999 per month.
  • Broadband Student Package can be subscribed at the rate of Rs. 879 for per month.
  • This package has been accessible in over 1000 main cities of Pakistan and hence it is making its special place amongst the students and young generation.
  • This package will be serving the students not just with lowest rates but even with the high speed of volume as well. It can take control over maximum downloading and surfing the websites at any point of time.
  • Free minutes can just be called at all the landline numbers only.

Well after knowing the facts and features it is much obvious that this package is just falling within the wants and requirements of the students. There are many packages of other network companies that offer high speed of internet bundles but they serve it with huge rates. In all such situations, PTCL Broadband Internet is all available for the students through which they do not need to face nay trouble of high peak of charges or rates. At the end we would figure out the ending conclusion that all the students out there if you think that PTCL offer has solved your headache to some extent then just wait for nay other network offer and avail this package now. We are sure that you will love to get subscribed with this package again and again.


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