2nd Year English Important Essays 2018 for 12th Class

It’s a fact; that English is a tough subject for students of the 12th class. Further, an essay is one of the difficult questions of this subject that contains 15 marks. Because; its syllabus has not limited to a fixed number of topics. A papermaker has all rights to choose any topic for an essay in the final paper. That’s why it’s not easy for a student to choose the topic and score good marks. So, for students of 12th class, here we list down 2nd Year English Important Essays 2018. This list covers Tech, Current affair, Pakistan affair, History and other types of the topic that picked for more than one time for English paper.  Hopefully, one or two of them will pick for the final exams paper.

Undoubtedly, English is not a difficult subject, if one has a strong grip on grammar and vocabulary. But it’s unfortunate, that students of this class lack in both of these portions. A probably weak basic is the major reason behind this problem. Otherwise, a self-writing of 350 to 400 words on any topic is not a big task for the students of this level.

Note: It’s necessary to keep few things in minds. A single spelling mistake causes a detection of mark, that why don’t try to become over efficient. Just use simple wording. Secondly, a cutting has also reduced your marks. So avoid it.

2nd Year English Important Essays 2018 for 12th Class:

  • My Aim in Life
  • Patriotism
  • A Visit to a Hill Station
  • Computer
  • My Favorite Personality
  • A Road Accident
  • Terrorism
  • My Hobby
  • A Visit to a Zoo
  • My First Day at College
  • A Rainy Day
  • A Visit to a Historical Place
  • Democracy
  • Picnic Party
  • Information Technology
  • Co-Education
  • Village Life

the appropriate list

All above essay list is very important from the annual examination point of view of the 2nd Year 2018 12th Class. So all students get ready to prepare all these topics because maximum chance is to come any topic which that list we mention above. So tries your best to prepare it perfectly to score maximum.

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