Suzuki Vitara Price in Pakistan 2024, Fuel Aaverage, Tank Capacity

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    Another vehicle of Suzuki comes into the market and people ask about Suzuki Vitara Price in Pakistan 2024. Further, few automobiles in the local industry were rolling for a long time. Among these, this is a prominent one that comes a long time ago in the market. From past to current time its demand is the same. An interesting aspect is that their resale is very good. Every time, they tried to introduce a quality vehicle in the appropriate range. But the Suzuki Vitara price in Pakistan 2024 is apparently a bit high. But, surely this model will come with a lot of new features.

    Suzuki Vitara Price in Pakistan 2024

    The latest Vitara Price in Pakistan 2024 is approximately 6.8 million rupees. Moreover, there is only one variant of Vitara is observed in this country. Probably in a few days, this will confirm that they add one more type or make some changes to it.

    Vitara GLX 1.6 Price in Pakistan 64 and 70 Lac Rupees

    A few reasons are very clear, starting with its price. Currently, as well as in past, this is special one that full fill almost every necessitates of a large family. It’s also a luxury and people are satisfied with the factor that after buying a new Vitara they feel free from its maintenance at least for two or three years.

    Suzuki Vitara Fuel Average Pakistan

    An top variant 1.6 GLX fuel consumption is 14 KM. This is an SUV vehicle with and big engine installed but more efficient. With such passengers capacity, this is great average.

    Vitara Fuel Consumption km/l 14 KM

    Tank Capacity:

    The fuel tank capacity of the Suzuki Vitara is 48 Liters. Company inserted big tank that’ why people can store high quantity petrol for long driving.

    Fuel Tank Capacity 48 Liters


    Vitara comes in different colors like Black, white, Orange, and Silver. But this vehicle see beautiful in Orange color. So, in the Pakistani automobile market, people demand in Orange.

    • While
    • Black
    • Silver
    •  Orange


    This has some different dimensions and as compared to other SUV,  the size of Vitara is high.

    Length 4180mm
    Width 1780mm
    Height 1620

    a good car of suzuki it is

    Engine Cc

    Suzuki Vitara launched with two different engines. This is not a local assemble vehicle imported and all imported vehicles come from Japan. The majority of people are interested in imported vehicles.

    • 1586Cc
    • 1373Cc

    Ground Clearance

    Now, you can drive Suzuki Vitara in rural and northern areas without any tension. Becasue the ground clearance of this vehicle is 210mm.

    Clearance of Suzuki Vitara 210 mm

    a good car of suzuki it is

     Negative Point:

    The price is one major negative point of this jeep. Few vehicles of this type are now lower in price than Vitara. But remember that their features are also lesser than this one.

    Now the expectation is that maybe the Suzuki Vitara Price in Pakistan 2024 will reduce. Otherwise, people in Pakistan prefer some recondition option at the same price. Let’s see what the company will decide, is they will wait for some more time or not.

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