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    Teaching is a process of transfer knowledge and methodology is a technique to be used for the performance of specific action. Now the question is what is teaching methodology? Basically this is a process to transmit knowledge so that students will be able to understand the concept easily. Its most important role for grooming of upcoming generation. So its essential for all educators that they knows a right way to transfer education. Otherwise it will effect entire career of a student. Meanwhile this is time of conceptual studies, and for this type of education its essential that one will understand the stuff. Other wise one will suffer in later part of life. So this profession is not so easy, as majority of people will think about it.

    There are different methods for transmission of knowledge such as:

    • Lecture Method
    • Discussion Method
    • Demonstration Method
    • Problem solving Method…etc

    But the question is how to develop interest? So that, students point of view is cleared and they will be able to gain knowledge. As we all know there is advancement in every field of life, there is a need to transmit knowledge/information about every thing so that our student will not face any problem.

    Now come to the point how to transmit knowledge? Which method we shall adopt to transmit knowledge?

    Lecture is a common method which has been used from a long time but now a day, it is not much effective because in this method there is least participation. According to today’s need students are more intelligent they are interested to do some creative work. So, we have to insure interest of the students with the help of various activities and the use of A.V Aids. Now let us consider some examples if we teach science subjects just give some activity work such as to make a 3D model. When they start their work they will obviously read and understand the topic. On the other hand if teacher will use lecture method and move ahead. Students will not have any interest and their learning will effect.

    Best Teaching Methodology

    Let us consider mathematics as a subject we can arrange a quiz competition of formulas and laws. Students will surely learn to win the prize. This is a best way to encourage a student.

    Here we have given some suggestions to make our teaching more effective and knowledgeable so that students will understand and gain knowledge to become a successful member of today’s progressive world.

    • Teachers have to interact with every student.
    •  Give them right to speak.
    • Give them some activity work.
    • Use easy language.
    • Proper use audio visual aids.
    • There must a friendly relation between teachers and students.
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