How To Clean The Microwave Easily

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    There are many women who are all the time in the search of the answer that how to clean the microwave easily. Microwave is undoubtedly one of the best and amazing technologies that are frequently used for cooking and baking the food items. But on the other side of the story the women normally face huge troublesome while cleaning the microwave. They may get them trapped with numerous dust and dirt particles. In this article we will be mentioning the method steps that would even help the women or the kitchen owner to clean the microwave without any hard work.

    How To Clean The Microwave Easily

    How To Clean The Microwave Easily 001

    1. In the very beginning you have to cover all the eating items and food products with some plastic cover. Just make sure one thing that either the items have been covered or it is kept aside from the microwave because it is might possible that the inside germs will travel into the food items for finding some new living place.
    2. Here we would like to mention one thing that normally the microwave gets filthy and dirty in such homes that are crowded with small children so always try to keep the microwave as stay from the adults and children.
    3. In the next step take a sponge and dip it in some warm water. Now clean the inside portion of the microwave from all the dust and dirt. Make sure that all the substances should be removing with great care.
    4. Now take another clothe and remove all the wet stains that are appearing on the microwave surface.
    5. You can even make the use of dish washing chemical as well that can easily be sprinkle over the microwave dish with the help of spray.
    6. Now just leave the microwave alone for 30 minutes so that the whole of the solution can get absorb into the microwave surface.
    7. Finally you will take another dry clothe and clean the whole of the microwave. Once you are over with the cleaning you will get a clear image of all the appearing stains and spots over the microwave oven.

    Well on this detailed discussion this was the whole simple and easy method for cleaning the microwave oven. If the women feel that still the stains have not been properly removed then she can even repeat the process as well. We are sure that through the help of this method all the women will definitely defeat their half of the headache for cleaning the microwave.

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