How to Write a Progress Report for Engineering Projects

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    Reports are generally of two types one is non-technical report and second is technical report. Both have its own specification and requirements to fulfil the desired task. Here we are discussing the “Technical Report” for the engineering projects. Technical report writing is also a course which is being taught in the engineering to students to make them familiar with the technical project writing. It’s totally based on strong technical concepts and skills. Now main part is that how to make a progress report and how it can be categorized. First part is the “Introduction Of project” in this part writes the main purpose of project and its specifications. You can also write the purpose of picking the specific project. Secondly “Diagram of Project” This is the most important part of the report where a writer should be well enough know about the project hardware and internal circuit diagram. Next heading should be of “Working of project” Here writer should coordinate with the other project group members and write the detail working of project including hardware and software.

    This is the most important step of the project where the writer should have to write all the software and hardware configuration of the project Write a Progress Report for Engineering and should be well aware of the step by step inputs and outputs of the given hardware. You can also discuss the hardware component wise its specifications and its discipline to work in the project. Then “Advantages of the Project” is the other main important point where you have to write the goods of the project in compare with the other projects. You can also discuss new things in your project and also describe the importance and advantages in the project. Finally, you have to bundle up with “Conclusion and recommendation” of the project. In this part you can describe the future amendments which are possible in project to be continue. You can also write the individual contribution of each group member in this part of the project and you can also easily recommend it for further use by discussing with you senior professor and by getting there approvals for recommendation respectively.

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