Institute of Space Technology IST Fee Structure 2024 for BS, MS

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    There are only few universities that works on this unique concept. That’s why the degree like Space science is part of their plans. Further, Institute of Space Technology IST fee structure 2024 has all dues for BS or else MS level too. They mostly target those areas that are missed in Pakistan and are requested to. With this, other demanded programs are also sort out on the skill bases that they are productive in the professional time. They focused more on the technical work that is more need of market.

    IST University Fee Structure 2024

    The present Institute of Space Technology IST university fee structure 2024 is for five specified programs. This is for students awareness that on admission time payable amount is high because of other single time fees.

    • IST Fee for BSCS:
    Admission and other fee with first semester 50,000 Rupees
    Per Semester Fee 106,000 Rupees
    Total fee for 1st semester is 156,000 Rupees (All are approx. amounts)
    • For Engineering
    Admission plus other Fee 50,000 Rupees
    Per Semester Fee 125,000 Rupees
    Total at admission time 175,000 Rupees (These are approx. fees)

    Other Programs:

    BS Course Name First Semester Fee with tuition and admission charges (Approx.) Other One Semester Fee (Approx.)
    Physics 120,000 Rupees 70,000 Rupees
    Space Science 151,000 Rupees 101,000  Rupees
    Math 118,500 Rupees 69,500 Rupees
    Remote Sens and Geo info Science 92,500 Rupees 45,500 Rupees

    Institute of Space Technology MS Fee Structure 2024:

    From the degree duration to fee, the MS program of Institute of Space Technology is totally independent. They surely prefer the alumina to them more expert.

    Admission time fee 40,000 Rupees
    Per Semester wise fee 73,000 Rupees
    Full fee with admission and tuition fee 113,000 Rupees (Approx.)
    • All fees of IST in the charts may increase in coming semester.

    Institute of Space Technology IST fee structure 2024

    From more then two decades, IST would targeted specialized education in space and related to bringing our nation to compete with the international community. Their art training facilities will enable IST students to acquire hands on experience. While, the best staff which teaches this uni students in a fair and modern innovative manner. They equally work on the technical aspect of the studies with other that is must need of the present time for good growth.

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