Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan 2021

As rates of agriculture machinery are rising up, that probably affects the Belarus Tractor price in Pakistan 2021. Surely, it’s not easy for a farmer to afford such type of rates. But in recent circumstances, they have not a better option then this tractor. If one overviews a major benefit of this vehicle then its performance shows that this is one most powerful tractor in this country. Its performance is equal in and out of the field. Moreover, this farming vehicle is best for every type of usage. That’s why, from the last many years, its always be in demand. Previously, the fuel consumption was a very issue of Belarus Tractor. But, now in the recent model, they will improve its efficiency.

Further, it is divided into two major models.

  • Belarus – 510
  • Belarus – 520

Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan 2021:

The difference between the Belarus Tractor price in Pakistan 2021 will clear from its specification. Both are the best one but it will depend on customer usage that which one is suited. But overall both of them are best to work in the field.

Belarus Tractor 510 Price in Pakistan 2021:

  • The cost or easy to say Belarus Tractor 510 price in Pakistan 2021 is close to  1,900,000( 19 Lac) Rupees.

Moving to a primary question that why most people prefer this? The key is really easy because a farmer wants to buy a tractor that produces the best work for carriage purposes as well to work in the land.

It’s clear from below specs chart that this is the most powerful machine that is best for every time of farming.



After this let’s move to another powerful agriculture automobile.

Belarus Tractor 520 Price in Pakistan 2021:

  • Yes, around 2,000,000( About 20 Lac) Rupees is the Belarus Tractor 520 price in Pakistan 2021. ( This will may change without any notice)

520 Specifications:


Specs Source:

Secondly, an influential portion of the land in Pakistan is rigid, so in this type of land, only dominant vehicles work fitly. In these kinds of situations, this is one best tractor to use.

The spare parts of this machinery are also easily available. Due to all of these reasons it’s selling and purchasing is also easy. As indicated earlier that the Belarus Tractor price in Pakistan 2021 is high; but nevertheless peoples favor it due to the above various factors. One can also buy it on the lease because a number of banks finance it in easy installments. So it depends on you, which options one will like more.

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