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    This is a brand in kids schools that is working in the territory of Lahore. Now, parents are asking the LACAS school fee structure 2024 because they take the children for admission at the age of 2.7 to till the 3.6 year. On the start of the every year they decide the fee structure according to class. Because those students who are getting the education in play group they are giving the different fee as compare to those who are taking the education in class 5. Administration of this school care properly to the little children’s who cannot go to easily washroom. Other information about LACAS School fee is now marked out with complete data.

    LACAS School Fee Structure 2024:

    Of this year, LACAS School have not uploaded the fee structure online but many of the parents who want to give the admission to their children in play group are seeking the fee.

    We will suggest to all the students and parents you can take the latest fee structure from nearest office and school. Further, if we calculate the fee from the last years then it will give you an idea about it.

    LACAS School Classes Fee(Approximate)
    Grade 1 27,830 Rupees
    Grade 2 28,090 Rupees
    Grade 3 28,329 Rupees
    Grade 4 28,897 Rupees
    Grade 5 29,538 Rupees
    Grade 6 30,339 Rupees
    Grade 7 30,594 Rupees
    Grade 8 31,238 Rupees
    Grade 9 37,180 Rupees
    Grade 10 37,489 Rupees

    Furthermore, their contact number is best to get status about the recent admission and other similar things.

    For Admission or other related stats, call:
    Number is 042-35311088 to till extension 93

    LACAS Fee Structure for Playgroup

    Majority of the elite class parents send their children from play group into this school. But some of the parents want to  know the LACAS Fee Structure for Playgroup. Moreover, the fee criteria of the play group is high as compare to other classes because children demand high care. During early education they groom very carefully to the children. You, can call at their UAN number as well.

    LACAS Playgroup Fees 23,299 Rupees(Approx.)

    LACAS Fee Bill

    LACAS introduced the new criteria of the fee structure because some of the institute giving the proper book but this institute giving the online calculator. Just open the official page and then click on LACAS Fee Bill then portal will ask some information about students like Name, Parents  Name, Class, Section, and Roll no. When you will enter all the things then portal will show your monthly children bill and you will in school.

    Check the total Bill

    LACAS A-Level Fee Structure 2024

    This is one of best school who are giving the A Level education to the students. Those who are interested in A level and are looking for the LACAS A Level fee they can arrange a visit to the Campus.

    you can get it

    Yes LACAS is a name that is working in major cities of Pakistan as well they are giving the education to the students will fully peaceful environment.

    Or Check:

    Majority of the people who want to well groom their children they can take the admission to the children in this school and then expert faculty members who bitterly know the psychology of the students. They can easily handle all the things. The major is affordability of LACAS School fee structure 2024 and if its come in yours budget then must pick it.

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