Suleman Roshan Medical College Fee Structure 2024

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    For the next or coming batch of MBBS the Suleman Roshan medical college fee structure 2024 is absolutely tough to afford for ordinary people. But those who can manage to pay this fee can surely become professional doctors from this medical studies institute. Although they get paid a huge amount, but the education and the facilities given to students are like international standards. Furthermore, this year they have the capability of 100 students to issue this degree and surely this is a very good strength of students. Even, it’s their achievement that they manage to satisfy the authorities to get this accreditation.

    Suleman Roshan Medical College Fee Structure 2024

    A round total of 88 Lac rupees is the Suleman Roshan Medical College fee structure 2024 of MBSS. This comprises the tuition fee and also annual charges. Meanwhile, the hostel and other charges like transport and mess are charged separately.

    MBBS Fee:

    A comprehensive MBSS fee structure for Suleman Roshan Medical College in 2024 is trying to arrange in the table that will probably be enough for this purpose.

    Year Fee Include (Tuition + Annual Charges) Approx.
    1st 1,635,500 Rupees
    2nd 1,661,625 Rupees
    3rd 1,744,706 Rupees
    4th 1,831,941 Rupees
    5th 1,923,538 Rupees
    • Note: The fee will raise 5 perc annually. Apparently, these things look normal but in long term, they produce differences and create differences.

    DPT Fee Structure:

    A clear fee chart of DPT is not released by the Suleman Roshan Medical College. So, in this situation, call on (023)5572000 that is their number. Maybe, they will clear all fees of this course in future.

    Simply generate inquiries from them and get the authentic fee of the DPT.

    the fee of this year

    Moreover, if one wants to go to their Tando Adam campus then it’s better. The stuff to consider is whether Suleman Roshan Medical College fee structure 2024 will come in the ability of a normal person or not. And this will only be possible with the assistance of the government. At present, this is a good option for those who pay for it. Again such big amounts are issues for many deserving candidates but an govt support will may create easy for institute that they gave favor to them.

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