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    As one of the oldest working cellular network of Pakistan, new Jazz daily unlimited internet package 2019 has revealed by Mobilink. Through this, the user will get a chance of unlimited browsing for the duration of one day. As the competition in the mobile internet is increasing day by day and Mobilink has to face a tough time. So to maintain its position in the market Mobilink offer Daily Unlimited Mobile Internet bundles. No doubt, technology is progressing every day that’s why everyone wants to stay in touch with the world via the internet. Therefore, now every mobile user demand such type of net packages. Further, the detail of these bundles in below text clearly shows that how they are special.

    As per officials, Jazz Daily Internet Package 2019 has divided into four different type of bundles. Their name is listing below.

    • Daily Browser
    • Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off Peak)
    • Daily Social Recursive

    Jazz Daily Unlimited Internet Package 2019:

    The above all type of bundles has not offered unlimited volume. But, these are enough for one-day usage. Let opened up the detail with

    • Daily Browser:
    Volume Activation Code Charges
    50 MB *117*11# 10 Rupees

    Mobilink Daily Internet Package 2019:

    Through this type of bundle, a user will get a chance to get more volume. Surely, the one who thinks that precious volume is not enough for their usage, they must activate this one.

    Volume Activation Code Charges
    100 MBs (24 Hrs) 1100 MB in Off Peak (2 am-2 pm) *117*4# 20 Rupees

    Jazz Daily Internet Package Code 2019:

    The last type of daily bundles is for social media users. Through this one will get a bundle for the usage of Facebook and Whatsapp. So these are the good one for those who just want to get net for just these purposes.

    Volume Activation Code Charges
    200 MBs for Facebook and Whatsapp *455# 5 Rupees

    the type of offer

    Term and Conditions.

    • In order to check the remaining volume, 0.06 rupees will detect from your account.
    • Any of above-giving bundles will not re-activate automatically.
    • Keep in consideration that without activation of the offer, the charge of one MB internet is 3.6 rupees.

    This Daily Unlimited Mobile Internet by Mobilink For Jazz Users can be enjoyed everywhere in Pakistan with a high and reliable speed. For every type of user, this offer is the best one. Maybe, unlimited downloading will add in upcoming days, but yet it’s not confirmed that when company will reveal it.

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    1. kamran says:

      improve more speed up to 756 kbps per second and download speed 65 kbps per second and you limited up to 200 mb kbps change it 500 mb Rs:15 per 24 hour unlimited thanks

    2. sohail says:

      I am from London, and I just know about Skype, can anybody tell me that my brother can use the Skype on mobilino? Is Skype free or not? Please;)

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