Toefl Test Dates in Pakistan 2019 Schedule

The schedule that covers Toefl Test Dates in Pakistan 2019 has now publicized. One of the best ways to learn English is to do IELTS and TOEFL courses and all those people who want to work or study abroad can easily do this course and get access to English with ease. Everyone knows that the purpose of the TOEFL is to check the English language skills of a person that he is good enough to be part of an international university or graduate schools. Moreover, this test is for all those people who have not a good grip on English. In this test, it is measured that who well a person has English listening, reading, speaking and writing power to perform academic tasks.

This is one of the famous and mostly taken test which is accepted by more than 7,500 college and universities and agencies in more than 130 countries, that thing shows that it is the most widely recognized English test. So here we are giving you all the information and dates of this test so that if you are looking to attempt this test you can easily get the relevant information from here.

There are three processes that people are following taking test, first is decided that where and when you are going to take the test because a format could be either IBT and CBT depending on the location. So under here, we have given you all the ets ibt in Karachi Lahore Islamabad details.

Toefl Test Dates in Pakistan 2019:

  • Based on the Toefl test dates in Pakistan 2019 and schedule, this test will organize in six different cities of Pakistan.

Toefl Test Dates In Faisalabad:

  • The latest schedule of¬†Faisalabad is listed below.
Number Day Date
1 Friday 08-02-2019
2 Saturday 09-03-2019
3 Saturday 06-04-2019
4 Saturday 18-05-2019
5 Saturday 06-07-2019

Toefl Test Dates In Islamabad:

  • The table of the Toefl Test Dates in the capital city of Pakistan is below.
Number Date
1 08-03-2019
2 09-03-2019
3 16-03-2019
4 30-03-2019
5 05-04-2019
6 06-04-2019
7 13-04-2019
8 04-05-2019
9 11-05-2019
10 18-05-2019

Toefl Test Dates In Karachi:

  • The schedule of Karachi Toefl Test is the same as the Islamabad.

Toefl Test Dates In Lahore:

  • Same as above schedule, expect a test in Lahore is held on 10-05-2019 that is an additional one.

Toefl Test Schedule 2019:

Stated by schedule the Toefl Test Dates In Peshawar is held only one time.

  • Only one test on 10-05-2019 is remaining in this city.

Toefl Test Dates In Quetta:

  • The schedule table that has Toefl Test Dates In Quetta is below.
Number Date
1 08-03-2019
2 05-04-2019
3 10-05-2019
4 12-07-2019

the schedule

Application form:

If you want to practice test to success in any international English assessment for admission, scholarship, immigration or work, spouse Visa can easily get an application form. After getting the form, fill it dully and attach all the required documents and pay the fee to get admission. You will also be offered Workforce assessment job fit and spouse visa immigration by doing this course. It is the gateway to the world if you are doing this course. Furthermore, must follow and schedule that has all Toefl test dates in Pakistan 2019. Must remember them.

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