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Pedicure At Home Naturally And Simple

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    All such women who want to get their hands and nails pedicure with their own help and services they should get ready because in this article we are giving away the detail steps for getting connected with the pedicure at home in much natural and simple manner. Before starting with the pedicure method the women should get gather with the essential items adding with nail clipper, cotton pads, nail polish remover, lotion, moisturizer and foot scrub. Now let’s begin with the homemade pedicure steps.

    Pedicure At Home Naturally And Simple:

    1. If the women nails have been filled with some previous nail polish they should remove it carefully. Make sure that the nails have been fully free from the nail polish. If the nails are demanding for the trimming then you must cut down the nails until they are not properly trimmed.
    2. Secondly would be the relaxation of the feet. Take a round bowl and add some hot water in it along with the few drops of honey oil. Dip the feet in the water for 30 minutes. This will help the feet to get comfortable and relaxed and will make you feel soothe as well.
    3. After 30 minutes take the feet out from the tub and dry them completely. Now take the feet scrub and clean the feet until they are not fully removed from the dust and dirt till the toe. After cleaning the feet take the lotion or feet cream and apply it over the whole feet areas.
    4. Further you will also need to moisturize the feet as well. Take a branded moisturizer and apply it over the feet. This will hydrate the feet fully and will ever open all the pores and closed cells of the skin and makes them feel as fresh and warm up.
    5. Well at the end now your nails are all set with the pedicure and trimming steps. After getting your feet cleaned you can go for the nail color and designing. Take some bright color nail polish and apply it over the nails with just one coating. If you will make the use of twice coating then it will come across as messy and untidy.

    On the whole we would figure out that all the women would have surely found this method as much simple and effortless. Just follow them now and make your nails and feet more prominent and catchy for others.

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