UMT Fee Structure 2023

The phrase “Management and Technology” used in name reflects the focus of this institute that was built in the heart of Lahore. Though, UMT fee structure 2023 for any of class like BScs, BBA, Engineering, LLB is in lakhs but the burden at the time of admission reflects that how they groom themselves. For the intelligent group of students, they have also the merit bases scholarships. Their is high competition and restriction on these seats, but one will get a handsome favor on selection. Their is a proper history behind UMT Lahore, that’s why they are aware from the need of current time.

UMT Fee Structure 2023 for BScs:

Lets trigger the UMT Fee Structure 2023 for the current demanded BScs. Clearly, if one will focus on learning during this computer science degree then after completion, the job is not a issue for him or her. Here, is it’s cost:

Total Cost Per Semester Fee
UMT Lahore BScs Fee Structure 2023 1,715,500  Rupees 106,700 Rupees

Obviously, University of Management and Technology is now big name of private sector whom location and area is now become the ideal. Further, it grows from the ILM Trusts and reach at a position where his founders feel proud.

 UMT DPT, BBA Fee Structure 2023:

Both of these are high related degrees, therefore they required a big budget too. Chances are that UMT DPT, BBA fee structure 2023 will reread that may add some more amount in it.

Total Amount for Whole Degree Per Semester Fee
UMT DPT Fee Structure 2023 1,774,550 Rupees( Of 10 Semesters) 88,500 Rupees
UMT BBA Fee Structure 2023 16 Lac and 25 Thousand Rupees 1 Lac Rupees

At first, it was called as the institute of Management and Leadership but after lot of time now this place has become an independent institution which now managed higher level programs in more then hundred disciplines.

UMT Lahore LLB Fee Structure 2023:

Full duration of this advocacy degree is greater than normal undergraduate courses. So, it fee is also charged as per  the total time frame. As this is a filed job, so they make sure to provide same environment to coming lawyers.

Total Amount for Entire Degree Per Semester Fee
2,115,000  Rupees 106000  Rupees

Importance of engineering studies is still live in market that motivate the youth towards itself. Presently, 4 to 5 kind of lines are being offered by them.

UMT Fee Structure for Engineering:

In the race of fee, civil and Mechanical engineering are winning by a good margin. Electrical is on second number while Industrial is at bottom. At last, it’s your decision that which one you will pick.

Total Amount till Completion Per Semester Fee
UMT Civil Engineering Fee Structure 2023 17 Lac and 24 Thousand Rupees 1 Lac and 7 Thousand Rupees
UMT Mechanical Engineering Fee Structure Same Same
UMT Electrical Engineering Fee Structure 15 Lac Rupees + 25 Thousand 94 Thousand Rupees
UMT Industrial Engineering Fee Structure  12 Lac + 25 Thousand Rupees 75 Thousand Rupees

Other programs fee

  • Note: All of these Fee Plan are also new and update by the Uni too.

total charges

We repeat that those who are not able to afford to study in the UMT Lahore, they have the slot of scholarship by applying in the related quota. If you are the intelligent guy then you got many of the option in educational journey. Then work hard and consistency are the keys to prolong it as much as you can in it.

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