Best Car Insurance Companies in Pakistan 2015 with Rates Premium Calculator

As the rate of road accidents is increasing with every passing day in Pakistan and the news of vehicles being stolen happens to be on front page of the newspapers, the insurance of cars has been really impotent. This insurance is really useful because it secures you from financial crisis after the road accident or a car being stolen. Here detail of Best Car Insurance Companies in Pakistan 2015 with Rates Premium Calculator. In order to get your car insured, the first and foremost thing is to search the most reliable insurance company with appropriate rates and payment packages according to your requirements. There are a lot of insurance companies working in the big cities of Pakistan and selecting the most reliable one appears to be a very easy task yet it is not so because you have to consider all the rules and policies of the companies. Do not ever make an abrupt decision while choosing a car insurance company because a wrong decision made in hurry will cause a lot of difficulties in the long run. Thus, it is important to do proper homework before going to get your car registered in an insurance company. Choose the best insurance company that has the ability to give you best services. Here are some aspects that you can have to keep in mind while searching and selecting the best insurance company.


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The first thing to consider is the rates the payment package of the insurance companies and find the one that’s rates are affordable for you.

You can check the previous record of the insurance company to know whether it is reliable enough or not to work with. You can go through the official website of the company or personally visit its customer service office to have information about its track record and dealing with customer.

These companies have an excellent reputation of providing best services to their customers on very cheap rates. These are the some most reliable insurance companies of Pakistan.

  1. Adamjee Insurance Company
  2. Aisa Insurance Company
  3. Alfalah Insurance Company
  4. Alpha Insurance Company
  5. Askari General Insurance Company
  6. EFU General Pakistan Insurance Company
  7. Habib insurance Company
  8. New Hampshire Insurance Company
  9. New Jubilee Insurance Company
  10. Premier Insurance Company
  11. Shaheen Insurance Company
  12. The United Insurance Company
  13. The Universal Insurance Company
  14. TPL Direct Insurance Company

There procedure to get insurance and to claim it has to be easy and quick so that you will be satisfied with its working and co-operating with you when needed.

To help you out in selecting the appropriate insurance company we have listed below some of the best and highly reported insurance companies successfully working all around Pakistan. You can select any of these companies without any apprehensions about their future dealings.

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