Danzoo Ticket Price 2023 Entry Fee

Being a perfect entertaining place in Bahria Town Karachi, the Danzoo maintain high standards for visitors. Furthermore, management also tries to make Danzoo ticket price 2023 and entry fee reasonable that most of tourist get chance to visit here. If you want to enjoy the children from outside the home then you can select this point. Yes, the officials of the Bahria town are combing all the facilities on one place to the people Like Restaurants, shop and etc. While they are providing some special discount to the local resident of this society. Further, they are giving entry at a good rate.

Danzoo Ticket Price 2023:

By all means, danzoo bahria town karachi is not only for the children while all the ages of the people can enter and spent their time. But most important management of this park is charged the amount according to ages. So all the ticket prices for children, adults and old people are listed below.

Below 2-year-old Child Free
Above 2 to till 12 Year Old Children 600
For Young and Mature Age Visitor

Ticket prices are mention of all the ages and when people will enter on Danzoo then they will pay according to schedule.

Danzoo Entry Fee 2023:

People are seeking the danzoo entry fee 2023 because recently they have updated and reduced the prices. Now every class of the people can afford entry fee and entertain to the children.

  • Kids below 2 Years: Entry fee is not applicable on them
  • From 2 to the age of 12 Years: Six Hundred Rupees
  • The person over this age: One Thousand Rupees

Moreover, you can enjoy the ride of a buggy without an entry fee besides if you enjoy the boat ride then you will give the entry fee then enjoy.

Age Buggy Ride Boat Ride
2 year old Free 249 Each Person
12 year old Free 250 Each Person
For Men and Women Free 249 Each Person

The audience can use buggy free of cost while if you interested in a boat ride then definitely you will pay 150  rupees per person then enjoy. Meanwhile, the time schedule of the place is going to write below.

Danzoo Bahria Town Karachi Timings:

The timing of winter and summer are change and the season of the summer come so now they change the timing. The latest time schedule of Danzoo is also changed.

Open Close
11.00 AM 11.00pm Or to call 0800 – 00 -100 is number

the price of the ticket of Danzoo now

Of course, Danzoo is providing different services to the customers. Because this one of the large place and people cannot see the park without a vehicle. So they cannot allow the vehicle while giving the buggy to the customers. Different type of animals, birds and some other entertainment places exists. Don’t worry to go another place, just arrange a economical fee and pay as Danzoo ticket price 2023 for entry. Visit this spot and enjoy the children. Children do not only enjoy while they learn different things and get knowledge about the animals and birds.

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