Best Washing Machine in Pakistan 2021 Price Haier Super Asia Dawlance

Among all top brand that includes Haier Super Asia Dawlance, the price of the best washing machine in Pakistan 2021 is listing below. In recent years, some changes in this type of appliance have made it more advanced. Furthermore, the addition of the dryer builds it more user-friendly. Here we are listing down the price of the best washing machine that offers the best quality at a reasonable cost. Among the top manufacturer of this electric appliance, Haier Super Asia, and Dawlance are the best names of the local market. One will select any one among them that come in your range.

Best Washing Machine in Pakistan 2021:

  • One of the major specs of the 2021 best washing machine in Pakistan is that they are energy-efficient, while their manufacturing material is also durable that must improve their life.

Secondly, these are not harmful to any kind of fabric, in past soft and precious are not suitable for these machines. But now this is appropriate for every type of clothes.

Best Washing Machine in Pakistan Price:

Now, these top three top manufacturers introduce a huge number of models, their prices are range in between 10,000 to 50,000 Rupees. Below the names of their official websites are mention, just visit these places, select your favorite model according to required specs(Automatic or Single Tub) and goes to Outlet from where one can get exact Idea.


Official Sites:


Surely there are numbers of the latest models to choose but some important things which are necessary for choosing any model, given below…….

  • Energy Consumption
  • Drum Size
  • Spin Speed
  • Different Wash Modes
If you plan to buy then also get info about its covers too.
Washing Machine Cover LED TV Cover
Fridge Cover Microwave Oven Cover

Super Asia Washing Machine Price In Pakistan 2021:

The list of Super Asia Washing Machine price in Pakistan 2021 will help to know about the rates.

Price In Pakistan
 SA-606-AFW 6kg Fully Automatic Front Load Rs:48.000
SA-607-AFW 7kg Fully Automatic Front Load Rs:50,000
SA-608AWW 6kg Fully Automatic Top Load(white) Rs:30,000
SA-608AWR 6kg Fully Automatic Top Load(white-Red) Rs:31,000
SA-610AWW 7kg Fully Automatic Top Load Rs:44,000
SA-610AWC 7kg Fully Automatic Top Load Rs:46,000
 SA-244 Super Style Twin Tub Rs:15,300
SA-241 Smart Wash Twin Tub Rs:12,900
SA-242 Clean Wash Twin Tub 7kg Rs:15,500
SA-245 Easy Wash Twin Tub 7.5kg Rs:17,000
SA-250 Crystal Wash Twin Tub 8.5kg Rs:18,500
SA-280 Grand Wash Twin Tub 12kg Rs:19,000
WD-215 7.5KG Twin Tub Jet Stream Rs:19,500
SAS-15 Single Tub 5kg Steal Body Rs:13,000
SA-210 Single Tub 3kg Rs:7,900
SA -220 Single Tub 6kg Rs:9,500
SA-222 Single Tub 6kg Rs:8,400
SA -233 Single Tub 7kg Rs:11,500
SA-255 Single Tub 8kg Rs:9,400
SA-260 Single Tub 8kg Rs:10,400
SA-270 Single Tub 10kg Rs:10,800
SA-290  Single Tub 15kg Big Wash Rs:12,700
SA-230 Single Tub 6kg Rs:11,800
SAP-400 Single Tub 10kg Rs:12,500
SA-660 Single Tub 6kg Full Automatic Rs:28,900

Dawlance Washing Machine Price in Pakistan 2021:

  • The fully automatic Dawlance washing machine price in Pakistan 2021 of the Front Load models is in the table.
Price in Pakistan
DWF 7200W 7kg Rs:54,900
DWF8200W 8KG Rs:61,400
DWF 8400S INV 8KG Rs:72,900
DWD 85400S INV 8.5KG Rs:76,900
DWT 230 A 8KG Rs:35,500
 DWT -155 TB W ES Rs:31,500
DWT-235 TB W ES Rs:34,500
DWT-275 TB G ES Rs:41,900
DWF-1100A Rs:25,000
DWF-1200A Rs:26,500
DWF-2000A Rs:37,500
Energy Saver DW65ES 6KG Rs:32,500
Energy Saver DW85ES 8KG Rs:36,500
Energy Saver DW105ES 10KG Rs:40,500
One Touch Wash DW 72 ES Rs:32,500
Tangle Free 70 A 7KG Rs:32,500

Haier Washing Machine Price in Pakistan 2021:

  • In the list of best washing machine, the latest automatic Haier washing machine price in Pakistan 2021 are on top.
Price In Pakistan
HWM95-1678 Rs,37,500
HWM120-1678 R:s48,500
HWM150-1678 Rs:56,900
HWM200-1678 Rs:76,900
HWM90-1789 Rs:36,500
HWM120-1789 Rs:47,500
HWM-60-12699 Rs:30,750
HWM80-16786 Rs:61.000
HWM100-16786  Auto Inverter Rs:78,000
HW75-14756 Auto Inverter Rs:65,000
HW80-14756 Auto Inverter Rs:74,000
HW70-14636 Fully Auto Rs:51,000
HW80-14636 Fully Auto Rs:55,000
HWM75-AS Semi-Automatic Rs:13,600
HWM80-AS Semi-Automatic Rs:14,000
HWM80-000S Semi-Automatic Rs:15,000
HWM100- AS Semi-Automatic Rs:16,000
HWM100-BS Semi-Automatic Rs:16,500
HWM120- AS Semi-Automatic Rs:19,500
HWM120-35FF Washer Rs:11,500
HWS 60-50 Spinner Dryer Rs:9,000

Beside this, there are some special features in each machine for the improvement of quality and work just like Ecobubble technology which is useful for clean clothes. In Pakistan, above companies offered these all features in their appliances that are also easy to use.  Along this these have low noise, vibration-free, the plastic body as well as strong overflow rinse so.  Price-wise these are the best washing machine in Pakistan 2021 of Haier Super Asia and Dawlance. Although, few companies also offer these appliances at a low price but never go those ones because they are harmful to your clothes.

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