How to Apply for Canada Immigration from Pakistan

Canada very well know as the “Land of Immigration”, the word exhibits its qualities the sources of the ;and that its capable of lapping many people from other countries, they have strong economy having well enough places to adjust the people within blocks , having high standard of livelihood . Many people try to go over there with family, many ones succeeded many ones drops down from the race. In Pakistan many families immigrate to Canada and enjoying their life, with safety and security. There are two or three major categories on which the people take a move and do settle their respectively. Canadian government have no such hard rules for immigration that’s why many people move to Canada every year and do settle there with jobs, businesses and studies as well.

How to apply for Canada

Lets’ have a look on few most using immigration application and its expenditures to move to Canada.

Temporary Residence Applications

This application further categorized as individual, multiple and family visa applications in which there is a variation in rupees for applicants. The applicant can also do work and can do study in this application but its charges are separately paid. There are many families which also spend little time on temporary Residence visa in Canada.

Permanent Residence Applications

This application is for permanent residence in Canada after bundling up all the things         from your own country and place. This application includes a lot of money to move to Canada. It includes your spouse fee and your dependent person fee both will be charged by the applicant.  If you start a business there or do any kind of job you are well permit for that in this application.

Entrepreneur, Investor, Self-Employed

This application is for those who move to Canada for sort of a business or for a job searching or working purpose than he has to pay an amount against his application than he/she will be legal for work there. This is also an expensive application with respect to Pakistani currency.

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