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    After back to back super hit smartphones, now again Samsung company will launch a new model of mobile galaxy one. Furthermore, the Samsung Galaxy One 2020 Price in Pakistan will formally confirm soon. Yes, the Galaxy One is expected to support advanced technology 5G; on the other hand, if we compare it with the previous model just only supports 4G technology. It will high budget android Smartphone in this market. If we talk about the main thing so the main thing is the camera. On the back of mobile 4 cameras are merge in square shape because the previous year iPhone launched a new model of mobile and the attached 3 cameras on the back of mobile then Samsung lovers criticize the company and told on social media why Samsung does not launch mobile in those shapes.

    Of course, this phone is very slim and looks gorgeous while the phone will have curved with side panel and hopefully, you have not been in any galaxy model before. The entire back body of the mobile make with glass and the side panel makes with a metal frame. Now we will discuss specifications in detail.

    Samsung Galaxy One 2020 Price in Pakistan:

    • By looking at the specs, Samsung Galaxy One 2020 Price in Pakistan will in the range of 1 Lac. Furthermore, wait some more time for official confirmation of price.

    Samsung Galaxy One 2020 Release Date in Pakistan:

    OK, the Samsung Galaxy One 2020 release date in Pakistan will formally be disclosed soon. But, tech experts are hopefull, it will launch in June or July of this year.

    Screen Size and Design:

    The size of the screen is very wide like 6.54 inches and the quality of the video is 1440*3040 pixels and the resolution of color is 16M. Still, now many mobiles have launched in the market by Samsung Company but we can say his mobile will provides full advance technology because the screen resolution is very high as compared to other Samsung mobile.


    When we will discuss cameras, there are four cameras are merge on the back of mobile and two cameras resolution is 16 megapixel and one camera resolution is 12 while one depends on an 8-megapixel sensor with led flash. On the other and primary camera can make full HD video and support HDR recording while the front Selfie-camera depends on 16 megapixels.

    • Mobile Types:

    The most important thing this mobile depends on two types.

    Samsung galaxy one will provide two options in the mobile, The first option is 256 GB memory with 8GB ram and the second option is 512GB internal memory and the space of RAM is 10GB while they have not to support external memory like MicroSD Card.

    a new phone by Samsung


    Agreed, the processor of this mobile will definitely make it very fast because it’s 2.6 GHz. Yes, it provides the fastest speed for gaming usage. Because of processor issue, sometimes mobile stuck and does not run we need to shut down the mobile and again restart then mobile start working. So under see all the situation the company merges the biggest processor in mobile. Hopefully, everyone will like it.

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