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Imran Khan Arrested in Islamabad Tahir UL Qadri Azadi Inqilab March Dharna 2014

Posted by hasnain sial
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    Imran Khan PTI Tahir ul Qadri PAT arrested by Punjab Police and Army in Islamabad Azadi and Inqilab March Dharna 2014 pictures that clear some hidden story. There is a clear story behind this arresting of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and pakistan awami tehreek leaders. These whole things are happen when both leaders decides to enter in Red Zone. Here it’s too much important to clear the area that is named as Red Zone. Pakistan most important offices that include PM residence Supreme Court and most important are the foreigner embassies. It’s also true that before this some parties record their protest in these areas but this time government is too much afraid that crowd will may out of control. So they strictly order to limits their crowd in the area where they get permission before dharna. Now whole situation is going complex and it’s too much difficult to say something about future situation of Pakistan. Further as any news come related to Imran Khan Tahir UL Qadri Arrested in Islamabad during Azadi Inqilab March Dharna 2014 it will update here.

    Till Pictures of Imran Khan Tahir UL Qadri Arrested in Islamabad Azadi Inqilab March are not revealed as they come must updated here below..

    tuk and Khan

    If one sees the supporters excitement of PTI and PAT then it’s a difficult task for government to control them. Both parties announce to record their protest in whole over the World that is too much difficult to control for present government. These whole things are better decide with passage of time. Hopefully some new twists are come in Politics of Pakistan. Here most important thing is that in which way government control situation after Imran Khan Tahir UL Qadri Arrested in Islamabad Azadi Inqilab March Dharna 2014.

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