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    In the latest meeting with the chairman of Youth Programme, Prime Minister’s of Pakistan has advised to start the Naya Pakistan youth program 2019 online registration as soon as possible. PM Imran Khan and his team seem very confident to make this type of decision. At that moment he also nominates MR Usman Dar as a special assistant on youth issues. Moreover, he also gives direction to MR Dar for the preparation of national policy for the upcoming generation of this country. Apart from any political afflation, this is a very good decision of this government to facilitate the youth in a way that they provide their best possible services for the reform of country.

    Naya Pakistan Youth Program 2019 Online Registration:

    • Yet, the date for the Naya Pakistan youth program 2019 online registration has not finalized. Hopefully, it will confirm in the starting months of this year.

    Mr, Dar the person who is responsible for forming national policy also seem very excited at his appointment. After the nomination as a special assistant, he announced that he provides his services without taking any benefits or salary. While he is very hopeful from Naya Pakistan Youth Program 2019 that this scheme will be a game changer.

    Naya Pakistan Youth Program 2019 Form:

    • Yet not available for download

    He also added up, instead of laptops, the priority of their government is to spend money on the youth for the purpose that they conquer a bright future. In recent times, Mr, Dar also conduct meeting with the Minister of Religious Affairs to include the madaris student in the national policy.  Furthermore, women, disabled person, and rural youth also get benefit from this Naya Pakistan youth program 2019 scheme.

    a new scheme

    Undoubtedly, the youth played a vital role in the forming of this government.  That’s why they will expect much from the PM KHAN. A scheme like Naya Pakistan youth program 2019 has built up hopes for the youngster, now they are just waiting for the day when online registration will start.

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