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Nescafe Basement Season 3 Episode 9 Songs List Promo

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    Nescafe Basement has got started with another season enthusiasm, inspiration, passion and talent. The most talented and fresh voices from the season II have been chosen and they are going to be the future of the music industry. All the artist of this season would be more irresistible, the artist will create an superb orchestration which makes you wanting more of this.Nescafe Basement is one of the great platform form the all youngsters to discover themselves, their capabilities and to improve their skills more in music. Nescafe Basement provides an unique environment to the singers to create a different sort of music which can be the meditation of the soul. Nescafe Basement Season 3 Episode 9 Songs List Promo is given here for you in which the song Allah Hoo was being sung by the vocalists Hamza Tanveerr – Rizwan Butt & Sibtain Khalid. All the information of that episode are given under here:

    • Song: Allah Hoo
    • Singer – Hamza Tanveerr – Rizwan Butt & Sibtain Khalid
    • Guitarists – Sherry Khattak & Usman Sheikh
    • Acoustic & Rubab – Haroon Leo
    • Violin – Sharoon Leo
    • Sitar – Arfa Chaudhry
    • Flute – Nazar Abbas
    • Keyboards – Hassaan Bin Akhtar
    • Bass – Melvin Arthur
    • Tabla – Shairi Bakhshi
    • Djembe – Faizan Bukhari
    • Shakers & Backing Vocals – Arsalan Hasan
    • Backings – Sibra Sharmeen & Amna Imtiaz
    • Drums – Bilawal Lahooti
    • Music Producer- Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan

    Nescafe Basement Season 3 Episode 9 Songs

    Nescafe Basement Season 3 Episode 9 Songs List Promo

    nescafe basement season 3 songs mp3 free download

    You can easily Nescafe basement season 3 episode 9 mp3 download from here. The song which was being sung in that episode was the Sufiana Song Allah Hoo by three singers including Hamza Tanveerr, Rizwan Butt & Sibtain Khalid. The song is having an astonishing feel in it and the singers did a great job with it. IF you want to hear that song just click on the above given link and you can hear that beautiful song.

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