Punjab Vehicle Registration Fees, Form, Charges, Documents Required

From the required documents to the form and also charges or Punjab vehicle registration fees info is all compiled in one text. No doubt, the rate of motor cars is increasing day by day with the high rate. As the registration of the vehicles is necessary for Pakistan that surely increased the burden on the excise officials. Most people do not know the real price of the registration fee because it changed after a certain time. Yes, the excise and taxation is the department working under the government of Punjab is responsible for the registration of the cars and motors and tax collecting. And they are the ones who allocate all of these essential things for the vehicles.

Punjab Vehicle Registration Fees:

There is very simple criteria to calculate the Punjab vehicle registration fees, so within this simple formula, one will get very close figures of the fee that is for the registration of a new car, motorcycle, or rickshaw as well.

Registration Fees of Motorcycle or Rickshaw 1 Perc of Bike or Rickshaw total Price
Registration Fee of Cars Below 1000 CC 1 % of the Car Price
Registration Fee of  Vehicle in between 1000 CC and 1500 CC 2 % of the Vehicle Price
Registration Fees of Cars in between 1500 CC and 2000 CC 3 % of the Car Price
Vehicles above 2000 CC 3 % of the Vehicle Price

Now the taxies department has initiated a scheme through which you can check the vehicle fee online every day. You can calculate your registration fee online by applying this scheme.

Punjab Vehicle Registration Form:

Of course, the Punjab vehicle registration form is compulsory that is commonly known as the Form F. After getting its print fill it completely with the correct info. So, first of all, download the

This is the major document.

Punjab Vehicle Registration Charges:

  • Other then fees, a minor Punjab vehicle registration charges are left to pay that are maybe 1 or 2 thousand rupees that further fluctuate with the situation.

Punjab Vehicle Registration Documents Required:

Apart from the f form, the other required Punjab vehicle registration documents are different that depends on the type of vehicle. Among them the major ones are:

  • Form F
  • CNIC Copy
  • Vehicle Sales Certificate
  • Vehicle Invoice and a proof that you pay the registration

excise and taxation

After download that registration fees you can print that form and after filling it properly you have to submit it in the office of excise and taxation.  People who want to register their motor cars can register through this procedure. We are struggled hard to cover the fact about Punjab vehicle registration fees, form, charges, and documents required that will assist the respected reader.

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