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    In this article we will be helping all the readers who are in the search of the answer that how to use Whatsapp on Android App. This has been one of the hugely known and famous application in the young and teenagers because it even helps them a lot to send messages, receive messages, pictures, videos, get closer with internet and so many thrilling download facilities as well. One of its greatest advantages is that it didn’t allow the user to get recharge with any such balance rates for using the internet and this has been the main factor for its enormous titanic popularity. Following are some of the main and most prominent advantages of Whatsapp Android application.

    How To Use Whatsapp On Android App

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    • This application has been set as free from all the balance troubles and rates. You can make the use of application and get connected with the internet even without the balance as well. In addition, it is also free from the international rates as well. In simple way, this application even allows the user to get connected with the draw away family mates and friends as well.
    • The application even serves the users with the convenient accessibility of sharing and downloading pictures, songs, music, videos and so many extra exciting applications at any point of time.
    • Moreover, you do not need to sign in and sign out for using this Whatsapp application. You are all the time in the situation of logging into the application. You can even share the MMS services as well.
    • However, one of their greatest disadvantages of these Android Applications is that they are just covered within the Smartphone and hence they make the calls without giving any alert and this can cause much loss of balance for the customers.
    • Most of the times the coming messages are also deleted without your permission because of the single touch.
    • The internet services with the Whatsapp application is complete free of cost and does not involve the user into the troubles of cost and balance recharge.
    • In addition to it, they can even keep their personal details and all the calls information back up for any emergency.

    However, this Whatsapp Android Application has been appearing as much vital and imperative for the users because it has been covered with many interesting features. All the Smartphone users should use this application now and take fun all its features.

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