Shahid Afridi and Indian Model Arshi Khan Relationship Affair Reality Scandal

Indian media is always busy to target Pakistan celebrities, in order to insult super stars of this country number of time they plan Controversy on the bases of fake news. Later on when such kind of allegation are prove false they ran away and start to create new story. This time they target Pakistani cricket and super star Shahid Khan Afridi that he romance or rape in private room of hotel with an Indain model. Here we try to give you reality of this affair as well dating details that shahid afridi and indian model Arshi Khan relationship history. Starts from the personality of this cricketer, then he is really a clean man, he is fit man in age of plus 30. When he is young he is really a attractive boy, but with passage of time he had done a lot of work on his fitness. Due to which his personality groom with passage of time, with this he also turned more religious with passage of time. Now he is retired from two major formats of cricket and only play as captain for T20 team. Because he belongs to a religious family so he married with advice of family. Throughout his career he is not involved in any controversy expect his aggressive nature in cricket.

First two Tweets:


Moving toward this scandal then her we can see it in two aspects. One is that now mega event of this short format is come close, and every team is busy for this t20 world cup. Because he is captain of this team and after struggle hard he is able to form a good team combination. So now their preparation is enter in final days and their media just want to effects at these preparation.

Then Turning Tweet:


Secondly as he is Pakistani who is equal popular in whole world everywhere, so is such allegations are prove they cause ashamed for whole nation and defamed the whole country. Its look that this is totally a planned story, in which at start this Indian model Arshi Khan said that she, is just fan of Shahid Afridi. Then in her second update at social she little bit turn this story that she not gets permission to media that with which person she slept or not. Then finally according to plan she turns this story that she romance with his love in a seven star room of dubai hotel.

Final Tweet:


This is her final turn of this lady, after this allegation she also goes to police station to submit a complaint that she find threat from fans of this cricketer, and police also gives her extra protection. Mean while she also prapose him ti married that shows that this is complete pre planned to disturb his personal life. This is all reality of affair between Shahid Afridi and Indian model Arshi Khan Relationship. To start of this story to right now Afridi is silent, hopefully in upcoming he must gives the answer of all these Indian fake question is such aggressive way or go to international court to reply them in shape of plenty. But this all clear in upcoming days.

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