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Taiser town Scheme 45 Balloting Result 2024 Latest News

Posted by Xaibi Sir
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    All those who have not a house or residential plot and submit application form has chance in Taiser town Scheme 45 Balloting result 2024 because their price is reasonable and the payment schedule of these home is very easy. Basically, this scheme is launched under the MDA or can say Malir Development Authority. Furthermore, it has capacity to adjust millions of people. So, just imagine how big is it. Meanwhile, one can also get all of its related data from MDA website too. Hopefully, this is a fruitful scheme for all those who are looking for a shelter. So try to invest in it and become owner of a good property.

    Taiser town Scheme 45 Balloting Result 2024:

    • Coming July is the expected month of Taiser town Scheme 45 balloting result 2024 and rumored date for it is the 19th of this July. Further, its good that the participants will follow the timings to check their luck.

    Taiser Town Scheme 45 Plot for Sale:

    In resales, the buying and selling is On in the Taiser Town Scheme 45. At start, the plot of 4 different dimensions was  available in this society. So the rates of these plots are different according to sizes.

    Note: The development charges will also apply on the cost of land. That’s why; this price will surely increase after adding the utility and other charges.

    Taiser town Scheme 45 Latest News 2024:

    • One of the latest new related to Taiser town Scheme 45 is it’s next balloting in 2024. The possible location is Beach Luxury Hotel and all applicants are also requested and invited to come there.

    Important Info:

    • The applicants who have already take benefit from the first phase of this scheme are not eligible to apply.
    • The processing fee of the land is not returnable, while the booking fee of the failed applicants is refundable.

    wait for it

    Furthermore, the allocation of these plots will base on the computer draw. While the development will take place according to the plan of MDA. The most significant of these plots is the possession that will expect after the Taiser town Scheme 45 Balloting result 2024. While, the map will also elaborate the area where you will get the option from it.

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