Causes Of Poverty In Pakistan

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    Every Pakistani wants to know the main causes of poverty in Pakistan. The poorest of the poor everywhere desire a change in their condition. Poverty is not easily acceptable to any person. In this article we will discuss the main and importance causes of poverty in Pakistan. The main causes are as follows: One mportant cause of poverty in Pakistan is the illiteracy. Illiteracy or ignorance does not let the people learn better and modern methods of farming, production in factories and construction of buildings, dams and roads. How can illiterate workers learn the working and maintenance of computers and other electronic devices?

    Our governments did not provide chances to our labor force to get educated and trained.

    Causes Of Poverty In Pakistan


    • Population explosion.
    • Illiteracy.
    • Performance of past government.
    • Role of big landowners.

    Now we would like to briefly explain these important and main causes of poverty.


    The first important cause of poverty in Pakistan is the population explosion. A poor man of very ordinary means has several children often more than five, six because he marries early. He cannot afford to maintain the large family. These days, rapid increase in population is the major cause of poverty in Pakistan.


    Thirdly, performance of past governments is the main cause of poverty in Pakistan. The past governments did not build dams in different parts of the country. With more water and cheaper electricity, farm production would have been increased and more labor would have been employment. In this way, poverty can be reduced.


    Lastly, the main and important cause of poverty in Pakistan is the role of big landowners and feudal landlords. In Pakistan, the big landlords do not allow farmers and their families to get progress and prosper.

    Finally, these are important and major causes of poverty in Pakistan. In order to help the poor their general education level should be drastically improved. The government should take immediate steps to industrialize the country extensively. As many big and small dams should be constructed across the rivers. Farming should be gradually mechanized besides setting up a large number of factories. Feudalism should be abolished permanently. Farmers should be able to own their lands in large commercial units. In this way, poverty in Pakistan can be reduced on a large extent.

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