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    After formal shut down of Boss vehicle, the both VX and VXR the Suzuki Mehran 2024 price in Pakistan is relying on the model. Almost every citizen of this country is well aware of this special automobile. Although, a number of people do not like it, but because of its (low-cost maintenance, fuel efficiency, and affordability), its demand is going up with the passage of every next year. These comments are all about Suzuki Mehran with the latest tech Euro 2 engine in Pakistan. Despite of its close, both VX and VXR models are in high demand in all major cities. Till end, company tried to made its seats more comfortable, as well with help of advance tech now its more special one.

    Important Note: Yet, their is no re launch chance of Suzuki Mehran in 2024. But, its previous model are in market for sale and purchase but don’t mix them with the applied for or brand new ones.

    Suzuki Mehran 2024 Price in Pakistan:

    The last model of Suzuki Mehran 2024 price in Pakistan is starting from 8 Lac and will go till 11 Lac 90 Thousand Rupees. Again, we cleared that Applied for Mehran is not delivered by company.

    Suzuki Mehran VX 2024 Price:

    This is expected to be 9 Lac rupees but this is supposition. While, their is not any formal announcement of the formal launch of Mehran by the Suzuki company.  Hopefully, buyer will understand it.

    The intentions of this manufacturer is to make that’s kinds of vehicles that met with the expectation of the customers and contributes to the progress of Pakistan. It’s available in different colors and designs of VX and VXR.

    Suzuki Mehran VXR 2024 Price in Pakistan:

    A round amount from 850,000 to 11 Lac is the supposed Suzuki Mehran VXR 2024 Price in Pakistan but yet, these all are the thinking’s of experts. The final decision is of the reseller.

    Variant Approx. Price (In resale)
    VX 880,000/ Rupees
    VXR 910,000/ Rupees
    VXL 10,90,000/ Rupees

    “Shades Option”


    “New Shape”

    • It’s a bit reality that it seems like the traditional shape. Not any different outer is designed for it.

    Let to move the most important stuff, that is about its cost. Its show from the below chart that it’s really expensive if one compares it with the specs of this vehicle. But its beauty of Pakistan that still this is the most demanded automobile.

      • Despite of many attempts, yet any proper has not replaced it that’s why maybe, it will again come in future.

    Note: The price chart presented here is of last year, soon a new one will come.

    “Before closing Price Plan”

    the cost list

    Moreover, there are many inspiring factors that are increasing the demand for Suzuki Mehran cars among this affordable price, advanced technology features and specifications. For all those that want a comfortable drive in a reasonable price range then this Euro 2 engine car cover VX VXR and is the best choice to buy because this has the very fine mileage and better in look.

    “Interior Specifications”

    They almost look like the previous model.


    From decades, this car brand has stable management which assures that manufacturers pay fair consideration to every individual system in the automobile instead of inventing something new. The most essential thing is that all employees work together as a team, which is beneficial for producing an effective thing.

    • Outer Look:


    Manufacturers are consistently managing and following a fresh and innovative approach which also ensures the reliability of these cars. With all of these reasons the demand for this car increase with the passage of every year. Hopefully, Suzuki Mehran 2024 price in Pakistan of both VX and also VXR also satisfies their customer and make them more secure with a comfortable drive.

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