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Best Acne Makeup Tips

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    In this article we will be taking about best acne makeup tips for the women. According to the survey there are almost 80% of the women that are currently falling into the trap of acne problems. In all such percentage there is a huge amount of teenage and young girls. Our skin cells are much sensitive and they get easily affected even by small carelessness. Whether it is about the burning sun exposure or the extreme coldness of winter skin will always get prone to the acne in all the seasons. Now the main question is that how will the women make use of makeup over the acne areas. For all such women who are presently facing this trouble they must read this article because in this article we are going to mention some of the most prominent makeup tips for slowing down the height of acne.

    Best Acne Makeup Tips

    1. Before applying the makeup over the acne places just wash the face with the perfect and suitable cleanser and apply the use of toner over the skin because it will help the acne pores to get rest for sometimes and make the skin look refresh and smooth.
    2. Keep the face away from the oil base makeup products and oil because they will contribute hugely towards the arrival of pores one more time on the skin. You can even make the use of tree tea oil or lavender oil for making the skin come across as clean and tidy enough.
    3. Here we would like to mention one thing that all such women who are filled with acne on their faces they should try to stay away from excessive use of makeup applications. Try to apply the foundation just over such areas that are badly affected with acne and leave down the rest of the skin as natural.
    4. Don’t make the use of enough face powder once you have used foundation because it will reveal the skin pores in the sun light.
    5. In the last step you apply some light and soft shade of eye shadow and lip gloss over the lips so that it can give elegant image to the women.

    Well on the whole after this detail discussion we can say that controlling the acne is not a difficult task at all but we can even hide them through proper makeup and we are sure that these tips would surely help all the women to fight with the acne monster.

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