Juki Machine Price in Pakistan 2024

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    In the textile industry, Juki Machine considers a credible brand, and talk about Juki Machine price in Pakistan 2024 that starts from 39,600 to 10,05,000 Rupees. This is an imported brand whose stitching speed and finishing is far far better then the local made sewing machine. This is easy to handle but bit tough to get in the market with the lowest prices. Because Juki have not any formal shop in this country but in big cities of Pakistan, some good importers have been deal it.

    Juki Machine Price in Pakistan 2024

    Every stitcher is well aware of Juki Machine and in most industries and Pakistani home female is using it. Besides, it is much popular in the textile industry. So, females who want to buy it but do not know about the Juki Machine price in Pakistan 2024 now can get it’s idea.

    “All prices are Approximate and only for Idea Purpose”

    Juki Sewing Machine Models Price(Approx.)
    HZL-353ZR-C 119,500 Rupees
    HZL-F300 268,000 Rupees
    MO654DE 159,800 Rupees (This is Thread Serger Sewing Machine)
    TL-2010Q 1-Needle 470,600 Rupees
    Note: This is the price of brand new Juki sewing machine that include all import and shipping charges
    • One will find used Juki Machine in much lesser price then the brand new one. But, it will depend on search and luck to get it in good condition.

    Juki Machine DDL 555 Price in Pakistan

    Professional ones prefers the Juki DDL 555 because it’s performance is outstanding and parts of this model are easy to available in the market. Further, In Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Faisalabad some dealers who are big importers of Juki machines are available where you can get more info.

    Approx. Around, 220,000 Rupees(Brand new)

    an good machine too

    Juki Machine DDL 8100e Price:

    Some people tell about DDL 8100e price is 5 Lac rupees but that is confirmed. When we will receive info about the exact price of the Juki machine of this model then will update desired readers.

    In PKR Approx. 510,000 Rupees (Of, new one)

    DDL 7000a Price:

    According to the local market, the Juki Machine DDL7000a price is approximately PKR 48,000. Furthermore, this machine adjusts to a table, and without a table, you can use it.

    DDL 7000a Price in PKR Almost, 48,000 Rupees

    Juki Machine DDL 8700 Price in Pakistan

    Gossips are that Juki DDL 8700 price is approx. 956,500 Rupees but rare to find. Furthermore, this machine is used in factories where people stitch cloth for males and females. People can adjust to tables and sit on chairs and use them easily.

    Price 956,500 Rupees

    The latest approximate Juki machine price in Pakistan 2024 writes as well this machine was imported from another country and these days import duty has been increased by the government. The price of all Juki models definitely increases. In the future, if they increase or decrease the rates then it will all informed to the desired buyers

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