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Diet for Bodybuilding in Urdu Best Food for Weight Gain

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    To make your body build you must take a proper diet for make a perfect. For this Diet for Bodybuilding in Urdu Best Food for Weight Gain is necessary to follow. Its actual motive to make the muscles of our body larger and stronger, it is the use of innovation opposition exertion to command and develop muscles and tendons. In this way, you are repeatedly demanding to explicate yourself. Some people have craze to make body building it can be both for men and women. If you really want to make your body so you must do some exercise? Body builders knows to prepare for competition as well as fighting

    Exercise for body builder:

    If you want to make a body builder so you should do some exercise or some training to your trainer.

    • When you are starting exercise, you should warm up your body for two main reason
    • It will be help you to reduce the opportunity of impairment.

    2-It will be surpass your presentation.

    • There are different types of exercise as well as exercise for legs, arms, shoulders, back, abdominal, chest.
    • Training of your parts of body will give a great change of your body.
    • If you having a strong or stretch able parts so you make your body building very easily.

    Diet for body building essential foods:

    In this condition when you are trying to make your perfect body building so you must eat some selective things. Which your trainer advice you eat enhance amount and some of those things are follow…..

    • You should eat enhance amount of eggs, because it contain excess amount of protein.
    • Eat chicken because it is full with protein.
    • Use fish in your daily lunch it has protein as well as unsaturated fats.
    • Eat potatoes, it can provide carbohydrate that will give us energy to work hard.
    • Use spinach in your eating food, it has contain 27calories, 3gm protein.

    Nutrition advice:

    • Drink excessive amount of water in a day to keep you hydrate.
    • Use some fat free ingredients as well as cheese ice-cream.
    • Drink or eat sugar free things
    • Remember take a limited salt.

    Some Food to eat for Weight Gain But if one use them in diet way then it will must useful during bodybuilding:


    Example of healthy diet

    MEAL                 TIME                                       WHAT TO EAT

    Breakfast     6:30                 4 eggs white (1 yolk) with mushroom & Peepers

    Snacks        9:30                 1 scoop of whey protein mixed with water

    Lunch         12:30               1 can of tuna, fat free mayo, salad

    Snacks         2:30                 cottage cheese, 5gm yogurt

    Dinner         5:30                 Chicken, a little bit of salsa sauce & tomato paste 5ml of olive oil

    Snacks         8:30                4 hard-boiled egg whites, carrot, cucumber

    This chart will help you to make a body building….If you really want to do this then must follow Best Food for Weight Gain and Diet for Bodybuilding in Urdu. One must get good results after following these tips.

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