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Feet And Hand Care Tips

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    It is common fact that not even the women but the men are also massively conscious regarding their beauty. When it comes to face and body shape they undoubtedly becomes very concerned but apart from the face and body the special and similar attention should also be given in case of feet and hand care. This article has been divided into two sections in which feet and hand care. One portion specifies the guidelines for feet care whereas the second section covers the tips for making the hands more beautiful.

     Feet Care Tips

     1.      As your feet might get dirty due to the shoes and dirt and as a result the feet skin cells began to damage therefore for protecting the feet skin it is essential to put your feet into hot water tub for 20 minutes. This will not only cleans the feet but will also make you feel much relaxed and relieved.

    2.      Furthermore the application of olive, almond and coconut oil on the feet will also helps you in making the feet more dazzling and beautiful.

    3.      You should also make a habit of washing the feet with clean water before going to sleep as it will cleans the entire day rubbish and dirt. Always trim the nails of feet regularly to give them a perfect and better shape.

    4.      Once you wash your feet and have the want to wear the shoes then it is vital to clean the toes and feet properly so that the applied moisture may not absorb because once it get absorbed it can damage the skin cells. 

    Hand Care Tips

     1.      Apart from the face and body there is also special moisturizing cream that is specifically made for the hands so that it may not get rusted during the winter or summer season. Try to apply the sunscreen lotion twice a day.

    2.      Secondly while applying the moisturizer on the hands always make sure that the moisturizer is getting into every portion of hands and try to cut the nails daily for giving them clean and neat look.

    3.      When you prefer doing any gardening or the mud work it is essential to favor the weariness of gloves so that the dust and moisture mud may not enter into the nails skin.

    4.      In addition try to get the manicure twice a week as it helps a lot in giving the nails a perfect shape as well as neatness.

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