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Hepatitis C Herbal Injection Treatment Guidelines in Urdu

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    In Hepatitis C, we have recently come across with new treatment strategies and among them we have herbal injection treatment. A start from the first treatment that is through Sovaldi, basically this treatment is come after German research. They had done a lot of work on this disease after which this medicine is come in market. But this treatment is too much costly and in Pakistan it’s not possible to afford such huge price. But later on some countries provide subsidy on them and this medicine is start to import in Pakistan. Now under platform of feroz sons these Sovaldi tablets are available. These are available only at their centers by providing them doctor slip, and also registration from Nadra is also important to get medicine.

    Studies Conducted for Hepatitis C Herbal Injection Treatment

    Normally doctors have been using these chief ingredients and herbs and they are

    • Cinnamon Twig and Red Peony
    • Persica and Hoelen

    And also moutan to treat Hepatitis C. So far this is the traditional Cinnamon and Hoelen Formula that has been also used for the patients who will be facing abdominal pain.

    Doctors have also been using this herbal following formula for treatment and it is

    • Buffalo Horn and Hu Chang
    • Red Peony and Astragalus
    • Lycium and also Bupleurum, Citrus, Hoelen

    So far the proportions have not been stated. For the information, this mixture was made just as a syrup and it is given in two doses of 60 ml each.

    It is reported that 15 of 60 patients had their viral load just dropped to below detection because of the herbal injection treatment therapy. We saw that in Japan, the use of this injectable glycyrrhizin for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C just reduces the progression of this liver disease.

    Study was also conducted in other countries for the evaluation of the effect of glycyrrhizin on hepatitis C viral load and number of patients who have chronic hepatitis C were cured.


    Hepatitis C herbal injection treatment guidelines:

    • For treating hepatitis C genotype 1, you should be taking weekly pegylated interferon kinds of injections along with tablets named as ribavirin.

    We have seen that this Hepatitis C herbal injection treatment regime actually begins with triple therapy of

    • Simeprevir
    • Ribavirin
    • Pegylated Interferon right for the first 12 weeks.

    It will then be followed by ribavirin and also pegylated interferon for the additional 12 or 36 weeks. Make sure that your length of treatment will be finalized by your doctor.

    • In order to treatment hepatitis C another option is genotype 3, it includes a combination of that weekly pegylated interferon injection, that also add ribavirin tablets on daily bases for over a period of 26 weeks.
    • You should be taking a conservative treatment by using these herbal antioxidants, try to maintain a good diet with it, have a equal exercise, try to maintain your other healthy living patterns and keep your liver in the best of its kind of possible.

    These are best Hepatitis C herbal and injection treatment easy to understand in English after which one must get solution of this disease in Urdu its solution is not available! Now in Pakistan due to water problem this disease spread rate is going high so its treatment is too much important.

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