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How to Quit Smoking Tips and Tricks in Urdu Ways to Stop Cigarettes

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    Smoking is very dangerous for health. It is the root cause of many other serious problems such as in causing lung cancer which results in death. It also results in High blood pressure. Smokers get addicted of this and suddenly loose his temperament if he didn’t get this on time. It becomes essential to get relieve from this toxic addiction. So here are few tips that might help you in leaving smoking habit. In Urdu it’s also easy to understand the ways and tricks that how quite smoking Cigarettes.

    1. Create a Plan:

    If you really wish to leave this habit, then make a schedule and then follow the plan strictly. Set the start date and start controlling yourself. Make a ‘not a drag’ rule and stick to it this will really work. Whenever you feel craving of this bad habit just remember this rule and stick to it.

    1. Control and Change Diet:

    Researchers argue that some foods like fresh meat make smokers more pleasing and satisfying while other food items such as fruit, vegetables and cheese make the taste of cigarettes so annoying. So it would be best if you start taking veggie pizza or burger rather than taking burger or steak.

    1. Consider your Drinking Habit:

    The same theory applies on drinks like fizzy drinks, cola, alcohol; coffee and tea make the taste of cigarettes better. So it you crave for any drink takes more juice and water.

    1. Examine yourself When you Crave to Smoke:

    Practitioners believe that craving for anything lasts for approximately 5-7 minutes. So before you surrender yourself to cigarette, plan these minutes. For instance, go outside for a walk, do dance or you can do party. Always keep it in your mind can easily ruin the life of a person or even destroys many families.


    1. Make Good Friends:

    Make non-smoker friends. Spend much time with them, enjoy their company, follow their advices and follow their good deeds.

    1. Keep yourself Busy:

    Keep your mouth and hands busy or keep your mind busy. Don’t divert your attention while doing work towards smoking or on other bad habits too.

    1. Be Prepared for after Affects:

    When you plan to quit this habit, be prepared for withdrawal symptoms which mainly include anxiety, headache, irritability etc. These symptoms pursue you to continue smoking, but once you decided to skip this habit so stick with it and bear such symptoms. These all tips that how to quit stop smoking Cigarettes are not in Urdu, these ways are not possible to write but these all tricks are also easy to understand.

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