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    One essential branch of military is Pakistan Air Force (PAF). They always ready to secure the country independence and security by protecting the borders against the covert and overt external attack. A proper ranks distribution with different salary plan according to grades and badges like GDP Pilot and other flying officer are giving their best under this platform. The PAF personal’s are highly trained, raised and equipped with the best tools and always prepare to combat all the times. In addition they ready all the time to help out during man-made disaster and calamities such as earthquakes, train accidents, floods, anti-locust operations and many other public issues. At present, there is need to maintain and raise their strength by keeping in mind the external threats that the country likely to face in future.

    They are well-equipped and well-trained, the utmost military in the world which is responsible for the security and protection of administered territories and state borders. They protecting Pakistan’s national interest within its boundaries through air striking power. Moreover they play an essential role in disaster release programs and campaigns. They always ready to serve the feasible solution without making more troubles.

    Graded Ranks and Badges

    rank rank

    As now Pakistan is in war condition, although this is not with any other country but this is consider as most difficult that spread in interior that extend to its border to. In these circumstances PAF always contribute where army needs their help. Every officer is well trained and committed who always ready for the given task.


    salaryThese are not exact salaries of GDP Pilot and flying officer because they exact they are not available. This must gives a rough idea according to scale of civil servants.

    Air Force is a sector of Pakistan army equipped with latest technology air craft that are now able to destroy any type of target effectively. This is their strength that is now really important to protect boundaries. This all is due to dedicated officers who plays an major role to maintain the discipline. Like past they again do their best for the defense of boundaries.

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