Honda City 2015 Price In Pakistan

In this article we will be throwing light at some of the main features and Honda City 2015 in Pakistan. Firstly we would like to mention little about the Honda. This has been one of the most famous and leading companies in Pakistan. They have not just make their big name in Pakistan but have even received huge appreciation in international countries as well. Honda merely deals in designing vehicles and motorbikes for the public. They have always arrived with some fresh looking features and specifications that are always needed in any vehicles. One of their enormous successes has been connected with the Honda City versions that take hold over the attention of the people in just one look. This time as well Honda has arrived in the market with the big bang explosion of its spanking new Honda City 2015. This has been one of the newly introduced models that are often filled with many features that are all the time demanded by the people. Let’s have a look at some of its salient features and specifications.

Honda City 2015 Price In Pakistan

 City 2015


  • All the Honda City models that have been so far highlighted in the market are the same in one sense. This Honda City 2015 is also filled with the same features just as the previous models of Honda City.
  • It includes brakes, rear rumps and mirrors.
  • The color of the mirrors is much similar with the body color paint of the Honda City 2015.
  • There is huge space inside the car that has been left for the second and third seat passengers.
  • It can accommodate maximum five passengers in one car.
  • There is also a small place for the LCD at the back seat passengers that has been accompanied over the seats.
  • In addition, cylinder and power saver is also covered within Honda City 2015.


There are different rates for the Honda City 2015. Following is the list of all the price heights for every single car model:

  • Honda City Manual Transmission Black Interior is Rs. 1,474,000.
  • Honda City Manual Transmission Titan Interior is Rs. 1,494,000.
  • Honda City Prosmatec Transmission Black Interior is Rs. 1,615,000.
  • Honda City Prosmatec Titan Interior is Rs 1,635,000.
  • Honda City Aspire Manual Transmission Titan Interior is Rs. 1,614,000.
  • Honda City Prosmatec Transmission Titan Interior is Rs. 1,755,000.

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