Honda City New Model 2019 Launch Date in Pakistan Price

After five years of old shape, everyone is expecting advance specs in Honda City New Model 2019. But its price and latest shape will clear after launch date in Pakistan. If they will modify it then surely it effects on its price. These all things must increase the eager to know all these latest updates. This car manufacturing Company always brings with new and latest technology for their customers which is totally based on quality and perfection. Honda company has been introduced the lasts model designed, which has a lot of interior features and other specification. This car is made for the carpeted road, in Pakistan, these roads are in urban areas. This is designed according to the choice of people that is different from all others. This automobile provides you comfortable driving with complete protection against any mishaps or incident.

All of the last models of this car are really down to the road. This is the reason that in rural areas peoples avoid to buy it, hopefully, this time they must do something to remove this problem to attract every type of car user.

Let’s move the direction of this discussion to the cost of this vehicle.

Honda City New Model 2019 Price in Pakistan:

Like past now again City is separate in two Types according to Specs.

  • Simple
  • Aspire

Then, its simple model is further dividing more, whose detail is hereinbelow.

Honda City 1.3 2019 Price in Pakistan:

Model Price
City 1.3L MT 1,599,000
City 1.3L PT 1,739,000

Honda City 1.5 2019 Price in Pakistan:

Model Price
City 1.5L MT 1,659,000
City 1.5L PT 1,799,000

In above prices chart, “MT” has termed for

  • Manual Transmission

and “PT” is using for

  • Prosmatic Transmission

Honda City New Model 2019 Launch Date in Pakistan:

  • Yet not Clar


  • The chart will come Soon


Honda City Aspire 2019 Price in Pakistan:

Manual Transmission:

  • Aspire 1.5L MT: 1,789,000

Prosmatic Transmission:

  • Aspire 1.5L PT: 1,929,000

Honda City Automatic 2019 Price in Pakistan:

Almost 1 Lac price has added up in cost.

Note: These price ranges are the basic one of its existing model.

 “Launching Date: yet not “


The chart will Public Soon

Honda City New Model 2019 Launch Date in Pakistan Price

a latest picture of city

People of Pakistan are too many likes this latest tech vehicle, with all these special specs this is also in range. This is the right choice for the customers; this is the only company that’s understood the choice and need of the local people and also made in different color schemes. For a smooth drive and comfortability, this is best option to buy, one cannot match it with any other car brand in drive features.

This year, because major changes had done in its outer look so everyone wants to, knows its launch date as well price of New Honda City Model because with adding more advanced features in it its necessary that some variations had done in its cost. Further in Last Mont of previous Year or at the start of 2019 it will come in market to drive. From front to back in shape, and on the bases of performance, this is most appropriate one. If they make its outer more attractive them must its demand will go up.

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