Massey Ferguson Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023 240, 385, 260, 375

The chart of Massey Ferguson Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023 is covering 240 385 260 and 375 tractors. As per facts, agriculture is pillar of this country, because most of its economy is depending on this source. Undoubtedly, a vast area of its land has the best type of soil whose production is just awesome. That’s why this is called an agricultural country. Furthermore, maximum part of the total population is from the villages. So, the major source of these people is just agriculture. And the major machinery used for this business is Tractor. So every farmer just needs a high-grade quality product.

Yes, Massey Ferguson Tractors manufactured under the Millat group are considered as the favorite ones. Now after the establishment of the new government Massey Ferguson Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023 for its entire model 240 385 260 375 have revised.

Massey Ferguson Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023

Of every variant, the Massey Ferguson Tractor price in Pakistan 2023 is comprehensively elaborate there. So must read it till the end and get all the required rates.

Model Price (Approx.)
385 Tractor Price In Pakistan 2023 3,215,000 Rupees (This is of 2wd)

4,284,000 Rupees (For 4wd)

Massey Tractor 375 Price In Pakistan 2023 3,106,000 Rupees for (2wd)

4,168,000 Rupees of (4wd)

Massey Tractor 240 Price In Pakistan 2023 2,025,000 Rupees
Massey Tractor 260 Price In Pakistan 2023 2,352,000 Rupees

2,396,000 Rupees for (SE)

Although in recent few years, the farmers of this country are struggling hard to survive. On one side their production rate is going low but every time their investment is going upward. Meanwhile, machinery rates for farming are also going higher in recent years too.

But now farmers are hopeful that this govt will introduce some beneficial things for the betterment of agriculture. Hopefully, they will also reduce some taxes on the machinery which must help to reduce its cost.

Recent Prices:

Massey Tractor 240 Price in Pakistan 2023:

  • An approximate Massey 240 Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023 is “2,025,000 Rupees” which is one of the lowest products of this company.


Massey Tractor 260 Price In Pakistan 2023

  • Yes, Massey 260 Tractor Price in Pakistan is greater than the last one which is approximately “2,352,000 Rupees“. Another increase in the price too.


Massey Tractor 375 Price In Pakistan 2023

This is one of the successful products and the Massey 375 Tractor price in Pakistan is about “3,106,000 Rupees that again has two variation. But because of its high demand, these will short from the market.

Massey 375 Type Price
375(2wd) 3,106,000 Rupees
375(4wd) 4,168,000 Rupees
Note: Price may increase more too.


Massey Tractor 385 Price in Pakistan 2023

  • Yes, the Massey 385 tractor price in Pakistan 2023 is last time reported as “3,215,000 Rupees” but is now probably increased.


Massey Tractor 385 4×4 Price in Pakistan

  • In Massey 385 company introduce two models. The first is simple while 2nd is 4×4. Moreover, the expected price of this model is “4,184,000 Rupees“.

Compare it with:

Now, one who is planning to buy a tractor can get the Massey Ferguson Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023. Punjab is the best area for agriculture in Pakistan. Because it’s having the best soil and good irrigation system for the two main crops. Which Kharif crops and rabi crops grow in winter? If the government should improve the market system. Strict laws and rules should be applied to the agriculture process, then this field will progress. Further, the storage facilities are too bad in Pakistan. Many of our crops are destroyed in the warehouse because of no space so there should be more and more warehouses.

People are moving towards cities for doing jobs because people think that there are many more opportunities in cities as compared to villages. So we just need to end this misconception and did work on useful projects. Along with this, it’s important that govt will take a few steps to control the 240 385 260, and 375 Massey Ferguson Tractor price in Pakistan 2023 because this is one of the most use able items for any type of farmer.

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