Sazgar Rickshaw Price in Pakistan 2024

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    At last, number of Sazgar CNG Auto Rickshaw options in 3, 6 and 7 Seven seater are now on the road roads of Pakistan at a decent price. Furthermore, the Sazgar Rickshaw price in Pakistan 2024 is for those who are interested in its buying. This rickshaw is one of the fine vehicles for going one place to another when people don’t afford their own vehicle is a daily routine. The people of Pakistan are suffering from unemployment, costly thing, and other a lot of problems in such kinds of problems Sazgar company deeply thought about introduced that thing which is perfectly matched according to the needs of people.

    Yes, Sazgar offers new CNG auto rickshaw is all over Pakistan that easily available in Pakistan at the affordable and cheapest price. A lot of people like it due to the excellence of their features. Meanwhile, the massive seating capacity also makes it more effective.

    Sazgar Rickshaw Price in Pakistan 2024:

    The very basic thing that effect on the Sazgar Rickshaw price in Pakistan is its seats capacity. All other specs are also designed by considering the allowed weight and usage. So, must work on yours usage and choose that one, which will suit yours work.

    Sazgar 3 Seater Rickshaw Price:

    Few of buyer may surprise with the Sazgar Rickshaw 3 seater price in Pakistan that is almost 3 Lac and 10 thousand rupees. This is the general rate for Lahore and from one city to another, their is minor difference in them.

    3 Seater
    3,18,000/ Rupees( Approx.) of Lahore

    For Karachi it is slightly different.

    Of course, Sazgar company is manufacturing quality based auto rickshaws in Pakistan and people looking and asked about their useful product price in different big cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Multan, Quetta, Sargodha, etc. Now, in all of these cities, his automobile is also present for resale too.

    6 Seater Rickshaw:

    This is also called Shuttle and price of 6 seater Sazgar rickshaw is about 3 Lac and 40 Thousand. Undoubtedly, their rates are growing but an quality manufacturing cost more whose effect will also come on the buyer too.

    6 Seater Price 3, 40,000/ Rupees (Approx.)

    Sazgar CNG Auto Rickshaw 7 Seven Seater Price:

    Depends on a dealership, the Sazgar CNG Auto Rickshaw 7 Seven Seater Price in Pakistan lies in between the 290,000/- Rupees to 295,000/- Rupees. While in used condition, one will buy it from 170,000/- to 230,000/- Rupees too.

    This great rickshaw is made according to this modern age which has seven seats introduced in the first time where people enjoy this cheapest and very effective vehicle.

    Number to Contact is: 0344-4729427 Or 042-35291574

    • A pic of this Vehicle:


    Sazgar CNG Auto Rickshaw 7 Seven Seater Detail:-

    the basic features of Rickshaw

    Apart from this New Asia Auto Rickshaw is also an appropriate one.

    Before this Sazgar CNG Auto Rickshaw is for only three seats and this is not enough for greater than three peoples. In this period of time, it’s too difficult to balance the cost with three passengers. This thing put an extra burden on passengers as well for the owner of the Rickshaw. After this modification of 6 an 7 seaters, now their auto rickshaw will carry greater passengers and with this burden is equally going down for everyone. Only Sazgar Rickshaw price in Pakistan 2024 is bit high for this class of purchasers. At same time, this is more comfortable than other vehicles that carry these number of passengers so must try it and enjoy luxury journey.

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